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RuPaul’s Drag Race UK returned for a third incredible season this year, just six minutes after Lawrence Chaney conquered over Bimini and Tayce to win the crown on season two. Although it was another highly entertainting instalment in the ever-expanding franchise, with more severe lip-sync smackdowns, twists and gaggy runways than ever, season three was met with controversy due to its lack of racial diversity. Vanity Milan revealed on the show, and in various interviews after her elimination, that she felt enormous “pressure” when she sashayed into the werkroom as the only Black competitor. The UK drag scene boasts some of the most vibrant and diverse drag entertainers in the world, so naturally, there have been calls for the series to do better next year. Here, we round up 10 of the UK’s most fierce drag queens of colour that deserve a spot on the next season of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK. This isn’t an extensive list by any means, if we’ve missed your favourite performer – sound off in the comments!

Asia Thorne (@MissAsiaThorne)


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A global mobility consultant by day, drag queen by night. Filipino queen Asia Thorne describes her drag as “fun, entertaining and engaging” and originally served as a back-up dancer for a drag entertainer in Singapore, before pursuing her passion in the UK. In an interview with Moonlight Experiences, Asia said her dream is to produce shows for performers of colour and to one day appear on Drag Race UK. She has our vote!

Asifa Lahore (@AsifaLahore)


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Known as “Britain’s first out Muslim drag queen,” Asifa Lahore rose to prominence after appearing in the Channel 4 documentary Muslim Drag Queens. The disability activist has continuously used her platform to raise awareness of rights pertaining to race, sexuality, gender and religion. With scenes such as Bimini and Ginny Lemon’s conversation about their identities educating viewers on non-binary issues, it would be incredible – and life changing – to see Asifa have a similar impact as she discusses the aforementioned topics on a global scale.

Cara Melle (@TasteMyCaraMelle)

The โ€œsweet, salty and stickyโ€ London-based Cara Melle hails from Atlanta, Georgia. Sheโ€™s a rapper, singer, and a high-energy entertainer, so she would steamroll her way through performance challenges – and lip-syncs. Cara Melle often performs with her drag sister and best friend, Tayce, who memorably placed runner-up on season two. Trust us when we say Cara Melle is a force to be reckoned with, and deserves to be one of 12 queens sashaying into the werkroom for season four.

Freida Slaves (@FreidaSlaves)

Inspired by legendary artists with complex choreography such as Janet Jackson, Madonna, Paula Abdul and Beyonce, professional dancer Freida Slaves is one of the most notable and beloved drag queens here in the UK, having won various London-based competitions. She recently competed alongside Drag Race stars such as The Vivienne, Manila Luzon, Trinity the Tuck and Crystal, as well as fan-favourite performers Danny Beard, TeTe Bang, Lil Test Ease and Mahatma Khandi on ITV’s Karaoke Club: Drag Edition.

Kiki Snatch (@KikiSnatch)

Kiki Snatch – “Unapologetic Bad Bixch” – is known in London as a member of The Bougie Girls, the UK’s number-one voted drag bottomless brunch event, alongside Cara Melle, Honey The Foxx and Baby. The entertainer is revered for her high-energy lip-syncs and stage presence – just watch Kiki’s sultry performance to Beyonce’s Crazy in Love here and you’ll see why we’ve included her in this list.

Lucky Roy Singh (@LuckyRoySingh)

The author of Take a Walk in My Big Indian Heels, which received critical acclaim, Lucky Roy Singh is not just a drag performer – they are a writer (as mentioned), model, activist and feminist. Born in Manchester, Lucky has been praised for their activism and for raising awareness of Sikh culture, as well as for their campaigns against forced marriage, sexual assault, domestic violence and inclusivity for people of colour. Drag Race UK is in dire need of some Sikh representation and Lucky is a powerhouse performer – it’s time for them to be platformed on the Olympics of Drag.

Mahatma Khandi (@MahatmaKhandi)


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โ€œPiscean Fashion Icon, Drag Queen Imposter, Hot Dog Connoisseur, Peacock Lover, Bridge Enthusiast and Take Away Vixenโ€ is how Mahatma Khandi describes herself on Instagram and that is enoughย to put her on this list. We are on board!

Rileasa Slaves (@ReleasaSlaves)

Rileasa Slaves’ Instagram bio defiantly says she’s the “mother of no one” and the “defender of the coconut” – honestly, we love this energy. Rileasea only started drag in 2018, but has since performed alongside Ellie Goulding and has made a name for herself as one of the best Rihanna impersonators in the world. Check out her Instagram, her pics are insane.

Son of a Tutu (@SonOfATutu)


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Even before their appearance as Sandra Bollock in Amazon Prime’s live-action adaptation of Everybody’s Talking About Jamie, Son of a Tutu was one of the most recognised non-Drag Race queens in the UK. Since winning Drag Idol UK in 2011, the activist, writer and actor has performed across the UK and Europe, hosted several online events in lockdown – including Bingo on Posh Spice’s Instagram! – and spoken about their Nigerian background in an episode of BBC Stories. Son of a Tutu x Drag Race UK – it’s about goddamn time.

Yshee Black (@YsheeBlack)


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Star of stage and screen, and the correspondent for Drag Race UK, Canada and Down Under for Pop Buzz, Yshee Black is destined for Drag Race UK galore. The hilarious diva is one of Birmingham’s most beloved entertainers, having founded the lip-sync competition, Church of Yshee, which sees drag queens compete for a ยฃ1k prize total. She’s even been championed by season 10 and All Stars 4 alum Monique Heart, who hailed Yshee as an “amazing” entertainer who will “close us out and take us to church” – enough said?