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It’s hard not to look at Miss Abby OMG and not hear the chorus of Christina Aguilera’s empowerment anthem Fighter. Throughout the first season of Drag Race Holland, the Brazilian-born performer landed in the bottom four times, sending home contestants such as Megan Schoonbrood, Madame Madness and Sederginne. Despite this, she picked herself back up and mothertucking clawed her way to the finale – making herstory as one of only two finalists to survive four lip-sync showdowns.

“It’s very tricky!” she says when we ask if she treasures her title as Drag Race Holland’s lip-sync assassin. “On one side, that means you can lip-sync the hell out of everyone, but it also means that you are not doing so well in the challenges. I won four of them, so in a way it feels good!” She continues: “It’s all been so magical, even though we had a few fights here and there! It feels like my graduation and my drag resurrection.”

Read ahead for our full interview with Miss Abby OMG, where she spills the T on her feuds with the contestants, transforming her brother into her sickening drag sister, and how she wants her run on the show to inspire other Brazilian drag queens to follow in her footsteps.

Congratulations on making the top four of Drag Race Holland – how does it feel to be part of history?
[Laughs] It’s a lot! But I’m having fun and it’s been such a great week with the girls. We’ve had such a wonderful time together because it’s our last chapter! It’s all been so magical, even though we had a few fights here and there! It feels like my graduation and my drag resurrection.

You fought for your place in that final, and you’re officially the first lip-sync assassin of Drag Race Holland. Do you like that title?
It’s very tricky! On one side, that means you can lip-sync the hell out of everyone, but it also means that you are not doing so well in the challenges. I won four of them, so in a way it feels good!

What’s your relationship like now with the queens you sent home?
Err… that’s still a tricky thing. Most of the girls I’m really good with, but I do have to say that there are some girls that are really bitter and aren’t talking to me. I think that’s normal. I’ll give them time, and it will heal. Time heals everything.

You also came into conflict with Envy because she said your name twice on the main stage – how is that relationship now? 
The relationship changed, but it changed for the better, I have to say. Before Drag Race it was only, ‘Hey sis, you look gorgeous!’ and now we can say shit to each other like, ‘Hey sis, this is not okay. Maybe you should try this etc.’ So, we’re helping each other to do more and to do better, and that’s the good part of it. We’re more honest than ever.

Do you think you’d beat Envy in a lip-sync if it had come to it?
Oh for sure! I’m bitter they didn’t let me do it, oh honey. I don’t know if I could send her home, it might’ve been a tie. She was so good that she didn’t even need to be in the bottom.

You’re one of the only Brazilian queens to compete on the franchise – why do you think more haven’t made it onto the show?
I think because there aren’t that many Brazilian queens around the world. And most of them, they don’t speak a lot of English. Maybe that’s why, the language barrier. Also, because most of them live in Brazil and there’s no Drag Race Brazil yet, so I think they’re just waiting for that. I’m hoping my appearance will open doors for other little Henrique’s or the little Abby’s in Brazil who are watching me right now, who might be thinking, ‘Hey, if she can make it to the final of Drag Race, I can too.’

We saw a softer side to you when your brother sashayed into the werkroom and you put him in drag…
Yes! That was so cute. I won the moment that my brother walked in.

How did it feel transforming him into your drag sister?
It was always my dream, so it felt like a dream to have the little sister that I never had to play around with. For him, it was also a dream because we played with those characters when we were younger, and we brought those characters to life. It was so fun for him. I’m really happy that he can understand now that drag is fun!

Is he ready for season two?
[Laughs] The first straight male on Drag Race!

Imagine if he won?
That would be iconic. I think it’s the most beautiful message, that, ‘No matter what you do, you’re my brother and I will always support you. If that means tucking, putting titties, heels and a wig on, I will do it for you.’ He’s so mature and I think it will inspire other straight brothers to be there for their gay brothers. Fans adore my brother and there’s so many people that message me about it like, ‘I have a straight brother too and he doesn’t get me, but I showed him the episode and he supports me better now.’ I was so happy that he did that for me, showing a big ‘fuck you’ to Brazil, which is so homophobic. It’s already opening doors for other people, so I’m really happy with the comments.

How do you think the series will impact the drag scene in Holland?
I think it’s already doing so much, so many people are elevating their drag. Everyone needs to step up their pussies, sweetheart!

What’s next for Miss Abby OMG?
I would love to do a world tour with the girls, and if not, alone. I want to focus on the fashion world now, and to make my drag a bit more fashion. I’m just waiting until corona is over, and when it is, nobody is gonna stop Miss Abby OMG!

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