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In 2023, GAY TIMES sought out emerging queer photographers and help them break into the world of arts, media or advertising. 

The lack of funding and opportunities in the arts is one of the key reasons we see a shortage of LGBTQIA+ representation in media and advertising. Breaking into photography as a career can be difficult, especially with the associated equipment costs and a need for experience. 

Housley, a photographer chosen by GAY TIMES, took photos of the acclaimed collective Drag Syndrome – made up of drag queens and kings – at the Radical Beauty Project. Taking place at Central Saint Martins, Housley described Drag Syndrome’s performance and talk as an “incredible” experience.

“It was clear how much work had been put into making it happen. The group were extremely funny and such a joy to be around, they warmed up to me very quickly and loved having their pictures taken making it so fun!” he told GAY TIMES.  

“The team at Central Saint Martins were so welcoming, you could tell they had formed a bond with the performers and this exhibition was all coming from a place of love and admiration for Drag Syndrome.”

The photographer especially enjoyed working with Daniel Vais, the founder of Drag Syndrome – “I found his dedication inspiring, and you can tell he has devoted so much time and energy into the collective,” Housley says. 

One thing that really touched me was seeing all the parents of the Drag Syndrome performers helping out behind the scenes, whether they were helping to style the wigs or getting snacks for everyone, it was heart-warming to see them there for every step along the way.”

Keep an eye out for more interviews spotlighting emerging LGBTQIA+ photographers in the coming weeks.