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The push for LGBTQ+ representation across the media industry has been a long one. And, over time, the depth and authenticity of queer storylines and actors have continued to bloom. More importantly, stars coming out as LGBTQ+ has become less of a headline moment and more of a normality, where people can be celebrated for who they are.

GAY TIMES has round up all the celebrities who have publicly opened up about their sexuality. While not everyone likes to label their identity, these stars have candidly confirmed their LGBTQ+ identity across talk shows, interviews and press panels. So, we are celebrating a group of celebrities, who you may not know identify as LGBTQ+, and have continued to uphold representation across our screens and inspire new audiences.

Megan Fox

Identifies as: Bisexual
Known for: Jennifer’s Body, Till Death, Transformers

The Transformers star identities as bisexual and has been open about her sexuality. In fact, the actress celebrated bisexual visibility in a recent Instagram post. Alongside her iconic role in Jennifer’s Body, Fox played the role of Reagan Lucas, a bisexual character, in seasons five and six of the hit TV show New Girl. In a recent interview, with Fox 5, the 35-year-old opened up about showcasing bi visibility online. “I did want to support my fellow members and say, happy Pride Month to everybody in the community. I’ve been a proud member since I was 11,” she said.

Lily Tomlin

Identifies as: Gay
Known for: Nashville, 9-5, Grace and Frankie

Lily Tomlin is simply an acting legend. Starring along some of the greatest fellow actresses (Jane Fonda, Dolly Parton, Julia Garner), the 81-year-old has chalked up an incredible record of movies and films. She’s essentially Hollywood royalty. After cultivating a dedicated following and viewed as an LGBTQ+ icon, the actress revealed, while on Ellen, why she turned down the opportunity to come out on a Time Magazine cover in 1975. “I decided that I just wasn’t going to play their game,” she said in the interview, explaining that she wasn’t ready to come out and face backlash at the time. Tomlin has been a longstanding advocate for the LGBTQ+ community and played a gay character in the 2015 movie titled Grandma.

Dove Cameron

Identifies as: Bisexual
Known for: Liv & Maddie, Descendants, CW’s The Powerpuff Girls

An internet icon and an acclaimed artist, Dove Cameron is no stranger to the spotlight. Having grown up on the small screen, the Emmy-winning actress has built a dedicated fanbase unlike any other. The star has been keeping busy snagging acting roles with HBO, The CW’s upcoming live-action version of The Powerpuff Girls, and even a stint with Apple TV+. Oh, and let’s not forget the music career she’s also launching. The singer recently opened up about her bisexuality for the first time with GAY TIMES, revealing she was afraid to come out as queer. In her first LGBTQ+ cover, Dove spoke about her choice to come out as queer, her relationship with LGBTQ+ fans, and how she is no longer refusing to compromise on her identity. “I’ve hinted about my sexuality for years while being afraid to spell it out for everybody,” Dove said.

Drew Barrymore

Identifies as: Bisexual
Known for: Charlie’s Angles, Scream, Boys on the Side

Making her breakout acting debut in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Barrymore has become a household name in the industry as an acclaimed actress, author, director, model, and producer. Barrymore moved behind the camera to help bring to life some standout films including Never Been Kissed, Donnie Darko, and Whip It. In 2003, the actress was asked directly about her sexuality in which she replied: “Do I like women sexually? Yeah, I do. Totally. I have always considered myself bisexual.”

Aubrey Plaza

Identifies as: Bisexual
Known for: Parks and Recreation, Happiest Season, Black Bear, Ingrid Goes West

Plaza came into the spotlight after the wild success of NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation. The actress brought to life the awkward but endearing character April Ludgate; a character who continues to be a fan favourite. Since then, the star has had an affinity with independent productions and off-key roles. The 37-year-old has been open about her bisexuality in numerous interviews.

Jameela Jamil

Identifies as: Bisexual
Known for: The Good Place, Legendary

Jameela Jamil came into the acting mainstream after the roaring success of The Good Place. The leftfield show, which blends comedy and philosophy, saw the model undertake the exaggerated role of Tahani Al-Jamil. The actress actively speaks out in favour of body positivity, against racism, and activism. In an interview with The Times last year, Jamil came out as bisexual, stating: “I guess I’m bisexual, but I also quite fancy everyone.”

Chyler Leigh

Identifies as: LGBTQ+
Known for: Supergirl, Grey’s Anatomy, That 80’s Show

Last year, Leigh chose to speak out about her sexuality for the first time. In an essay posted to Creating Change, an LGBTQ+ organisation she co-founded, the actress said the coming out journey of her Supergirl character Alex Danvers helped her come to terms with her own sexuality. The actress helped bring a lesbian storyline to the DC adaption of Supergirl since Supergirl’s 2015 debut. She has since reprised the role on various Arrowverse productions such as Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. In her powerful essay, the actress revealed how she felt a connection between her character and herself. “I personally felt to authentically represent Alex’s journey,” she wrote. “What I didn’t realize was how the scene where she finally confessed her truth would leap off the pages of the script and genuinely become a variation of my own.”

Rosario Dawson

Identifies as: LGBTQ+
Known for: Jane The Virgin, Marvel’s Luke Cage

Alongside her stints across film, one of Dawson’s most notable moments on the small-screen was her impactful role as Jane Ramos in seasons five and six of Jane The Virgin. Dawson played the love interest to central character Petra. The show was a hit and was well due some LGBTQ+ inclusion and, sure enough, we soon got Jane Ramos. While fans were concerned the character would be written off in either a trope death or theatrical exit, Ramos’ character, fortunately, gets a happily ever after as she as Petra end up together. Dawson has not opted to label her sexuality, but in an interview with Bustle (in 2020), the actress highlighted how fans thought she had come out in 2018, following a celebratory LGBTQ+ Instagram post. During the interview, she took the time to correct the record. “People kept saying that I [came out] … I didn’t do that,” she told Bustle. “I mean, it’s not inaccurate, but I never did come out come out. I mean, I guess I am now.”

Anna Kendrick

Identifies as: LGBTQ+
Known for: Twilight, Pitch Perfect, A Simple Favour

There has long been speculation when it comes to Anna Kendrick. Many have called out the actress for queerbaiting while others have argued that celebrities do not have to publicly label themselves. However, in 2018, some answers were offered as the Pitch Perfect actress opened up about her sexual fluidity. While taking part in a press tour for A Simple Favour (alongside Blake Lively), Kendrick revealed how she found similarities between Lively’s character Emily. Speaking to Pride Out, she explained how, like Emily, she is “very comfortable with the fluid aspects of her sexuality.” The actress also recalled experiencing her first same-sex kiss in high school while at a party and “boys are watching! That horrible performance silliness.” However, the star expanded about her romantic experiences with women, saying: “I haven’t had that emotional love for a lady, which isn’t saying it could never happen to me.”

Tessa Thompson

Identifies as: Bisexual
Known for: Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok, Men In Black: International, Creed

The rise of Tessa Thompson has been hard to miss. The actress has landed some killer roles as Nyla Adrose in the movie For Colored Girls, Valkyrie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and HBO’s Westworld. Alongside being a kickass figure in Marvel, it looks like Valkyrie will be part of the new wave of representation on the big screen. In fact, it’s been rumoured a cut scene from Thor: Ragnarok confirmed Valkyrie’s bisexuality. The character’s sexuality is made clear in the comics but is yet to make its way into the movies. This representation is something Tessa has also pushed for. During Comic-Con in 2019, the actress updated fans on progress. “As a new king, she needs to find her queen. That will be her first order of business. She has some ideas. Keep you posted,” she told the crowd. Away from her character, Thompson came out as bisexual in 2018. In an interview with Porter Magazine, the actress gave details about her sexuality. “I can take things for granted because of my family — it’s so free and you can be anything that you want to be,” she said. “I’m attracted to men and also to women. If I bring a woman home, [or] a man, we don’t even have to have the discussion.”