Attention LGBTQ+ book enthusiasts, a TV adaptation of Young Mungo has been greenlit.

According to Deadline, A24 will be leading the charge in creating a TV series based on the book by Scottish-American writer Douglas Stuart.

The 46-year-old author has also been tapped to pen the screenplay for the project.

As of this writing, the show is set to air on BBC, with a US broadcaster to be announced.

The upcoming Young Mungo project is set to be Stuart’s second partnership with A24, who is also adapting his award-winning novel Shuggie Bain into a TV series.

On 21 March, the emerging author took to Twitter to express his excitement over the news.

“I cannot thank the team at @A24 enough for their continued belief,” he wrote.

“They’ve been such supportive partners during the development of Shuggie Bain. I’m so grateful for their vision and their courage. Lets gooo!”

The recent Young Mungo news comes nearly a year after LGBTQ+ readers were first introduced to the novel and its dynamic characters.

Set in 1990s Glasgow, the emotional story follows Protestant Mungo and Catholic James as they navigate their budding romance amidst a raging feud between their opposing and homophobic housing estates.

The book’s synopsis reads: “They should be sworn enemies if they’re to be seen as men at all, and yet they become best friends as they find a sanctuary in the doocot that James has built for his prize racing pigeons.

“As they begin to fall in love, they dream of escaping the grey city, and Mungo must work hard to hide his true self from all those around him, especially from his elder brother Hamish, a local gang leader with a brutal reputation to uphold.

“When Mungo’s mother sends him on a fishing trip to a loch in western Scotland with two strange men behind whose drunken banter lie murky pasts, he needs to summon all his inner strength and courage to get back to a place of safety, a place where he and James might still have a future.”

Following its release on 5 April, the book was praised by critics for its layered and “vivid” storytelling. Due to its popularity, Young Mungo made numerous end-of-year book lists and was long-listed for the Andrew Carnegie Medal for Excellence in Fiction.

We can’t wait to dive into Young Mungo’s sure-to-be emotionally gripping TV adaptation.