A new LGBTQ+ dating show is headed to our TV screens.

On 15 May, streaming service Paramount+ announced their new pansexual dating show, Love Allways.

Taking a page out of The Bachelor franchise’s book, the 10-episode series will follow openly pansexual bachelorette Lexi Paloma as she “sets out to find true love.”

However unlike its predecessors, the new LGBTQ+ inclusive series will feature contestants of all genders.

“As she narrows down her pool of contestants of all genders, some start falling for one another, causing a spiral of drama, betrayal, passion and jealousy,” the synopsis reads.

Fortunately, Lexi and her group of suitors will receive guidance from resident relationship gurus Spicy Mari and Anthony Recenello – who are also competing to see which of their “protégés” get chosen by the show’s leading lady.

The contestants vying for Lexi’s love include Brian Batesy, Sienna Scibird, Jasmine Cervantes, Tyler Hearing, Kalysta Mallory, Cyprien Boustiha, Camille Cupid, Rylin Utah, Jayme Aiden, Marc Bateman, Luis Diaz, Joshua Cureton and Cameron James.

Fortunately, LGBTQ+ reality TV enthusiasts won’t have to wait too long for the series.

According to a press release, the first three episodes are set to air on 2 June on Paramount+, with the seven remaining episodes to air weekly on the streaming service and Awesomeness’s YouTube channel.

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The upcoming premiere of Love Allways comes a few weeks after the BBC dropped the UK’s first-ever same-sex dating show, I Kissed a Boy.

Narrated by Bad Education star Layton Williams, the series follows 10 singletons who are paired up – “with help from the IKAB Matching team” – and upon first meeting, share a kiss.

“No small talk. No messages. Just one kiss to test out their chemistry straight away. Will it be a polite peck? Or a passionate snog? And ultimately, will that first kiss lead to love?” reads the synopsis.

“I Kissed a Boy is packed with explosive drama, gripping cliffhangers and powerful untold stories – from coming out in a strict religious family, to the pressures of body image in the gay dating scene, to navigating self-acceptance, sex and first same-sex relationships.”

I Kissed a Boy is hosted by Australian pop legend Dannii Minogue, who plays the role of “Cupid”.

Speaking with BBC Three, the I Begin to Wonder singer (and gay icon) said she wanted to host the series because she’s “had the privilege” of being involved with the LGBTQ+ community “for many years.”

“I am a staunch ally, and in return I have always been welcomed with support that always feels like a huge hug,” she explained.

“It is an honour to host this show and flex my muscles as fairy godmother/cupid in helping these gorgeous humans in their search for love.”

The first four episodes of I Kissed a Boy are available on BBC iPlayer.