Drag Race star Monét X Change has spoken out about her lip-sync against Jinkx Monsoon for the first time since the All Stars 7 finale aired.

The final episode of the season saw Jinkx crowned “Queen of All Queens” after she racked up a total of five challenge wins and emerged victorious from the Lip-Sync LaLaPaRUza.

RuPaul stated that her decision was made based on both the final lip-sync and how the queens performed throughout the season, igniting debate among viewers over how much the finale really matters.

Monét has since taken to Instagram to respond to the fans stating that she should have been declared the winner over Jinkx.

She wrote: “Well what is there left to say? First of all congratulations to @thejinkx and a job well done this fucking season!! As for me I cannot tell y’all how proud I am of myself, but specifically this fucking lip-sync. Bitch I AATTTEEE.”

The co-winner of All Stars 4 revealed that her performance was met with praise from those on set after filming wrapped.

“I kinda fell back into old NYC habits in coming up with last minute gags to do in this number (getting some white nail polish for the ‘Jinkx’ lipstick, the money I made a PA run to get from my workroom station, and that soft n’ cunt catwalk at the end,” Monét continued.

“To see the lighting, sound, camera, and PA’s crews clapping and cheering after it all felt euphoric! Pound the alarm used to be my favorite sync, but “Swish Swish” is now the new supreme.”

The queen also clarified that some of her dancing was edited out of the final cut: “And lets be clear I started with the slow floss, then did it double time after one 8 count!”

Jinkx has also spoken out about the fandom’s reaction to the finale since it aired.

“A big part of me taking care of myself at this stage of my life is setting up certain boundaries and not engaging where I don’t think it’s going to be constructive for me to engage,” she told Entertainment Weekly, referring to social media.

“I see some of the chatter and I stumble upon things, and what I’ve been saying to myself is: We did so many challenging things this season, we showed so much great work, there’s so much positive stuff to focus on. If we find the crack in someone’s defense walls then we can just pick it apart [so] I’m choosing to focus on all the stuff I’m proud of rather than letting someone’s opinions get in my head.”

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