Taiwan’s president has praised Nymphia Wind after her herstoric Drag Race season 16 win. 

Spoilers ahead  

On 19 April, fans were finally treated to the show’s highly anticipated and sickening grand finale. 

After weeks of intense competition, filled with hilarious maxi-challenges, showstopping runways, and jaw-dropping lip-syncs, Plane Jane, Nymphia, and Sapphira Cristál reunited in front of a studio audience for one final face-off for the crown.

Like previous grand finales, the three talented performers were tasked with presenting an original solo number inspired by their charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent.

Following their incredible performances, RuPaul announced Nymphia and Sapphira as the top two queens. This resulted in a final lip-sync battle to the beat of Kylie Minogue’s LGBTQIA+ anthem, ‘Padam Padam’. 

Both drag powerhouses deployed a variety of fierce tricks, splits, flips, and epic ruveals, which elicited an uproarious response from the audience and judges’ panel.

Following their electric lip-sync smackdown, RuPaul crowned Nymphia as ‘America’s Next Drag Superstar’ and Sasha Colby’s successor.

“To those who feel like they don’t belong, just remember to live fearlessly and have courage to live your truth,” said Nymphia, “And Taiwan, this is for you!”

With her win, Nymphia makes herstory as the first East Asian queen to take home the Drag Race crown. 

Since the release of the grand finale, the talented performer has received heaps of praise on social media, including a congratulatory post from the President of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen. 

Taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, on 20 April, the political figure quote tweeted a video of Nymphia’s win with the caption: “Congratulations to you, Nymphia Wind for being so accomplished in the difficult art form of drag, and for being the first Taiwanese to take the stage and win on @RuPaulsDragRace.”

She added: “Right after being crowned queen, you said, “Taiwan, this is for you.” Taiwan thanks you for living fearlessly.” 

In response to the message, Nymphia quote tweeted the heartwarming post, alongside her caption, “President of Taiwannnn!!!!!” 

President Tsai Ing-wen isn’t the only high-profile figure who has shown love to the beloved talent following her season 16 win. 

In the comment section of a recent Drag Race TikTok, which featured Nymphia performing ‘Marry the Night’ at the Live finale reaction party, pop icon Lady Gaga expressed her support for Taiwanese talent by writing, “I love you” in the comment section. 

Like the President’s message, the banana enthusiast expressed her excitement for the recognition, writing on X, “Screaming, dying, crying.”

Check out Nymphia and Sapphira’s lip-sync for the crown performance here or below.