Domino Day showrunner has opened up about what inspired the series’ queer elements. 

On 31 January, TV enthusiasts were finally treated to the British fantasy drama – which premiered on BBC Three.

Set in Manchester, the six-episode series follows Domino Day (Siena Kelly), a young witch who struggles to control her incredible powers and insatiable need to “feed” on humans.

The show’s synopsis adds: “Domino is desperately seeking a community who can help her understand who she is, but she doesn’t need to look far, as a coven of witches is already tracking her every move, convinced they have to stop her before her powers destroy everyone and everything around her.

“When a dangerous figure from Domino’s past comes back to haunt her, will it be a fresh start for them all, or a final showdown?” 

The cast also includes Alisha Bailey as Kat, Babirye Bukilwa as Sammie, Poppi Lee Friar as Geri, Maimuna Memon as Verdita, Percelle Ascott as Leon, Sam Howard Sneyd as Silas and Molly Harris as Jules. 

Since its release, the show has received acclaim from critics and viewers for its immersive story, magical lore and cast performances. 

One fan on X, formerly known as Twitter, wrote: “3 episodes in, and Domino Day really proves itself to be the Gen-Z witch show we’ve all been missing.” 

Another fan added: “If you’re in the market for a fantasy series about magick featuring black & poc witches, might I suggest a new BBC series: Domino Day. I just started it last night and it’s really good.”

Alongside the aforementioned praises, Domino Day has also been lauded for its LGBTQIA+ characters and influences. 

In a recent interview with Digital Spy, showrunner Lauren Sequeria gave insight into the series’ queer references, including the found family aspect of covens. 

“Domino’s journey is feeling like a monster and not being connected with others. The coven is that representation of a queer space where all are welcome,” she explained. 

“At first, they’re trying to work out what she is and they’re worried, but then they go on a journey of realising this is why Domino is. We need to help her ultimately; what Domino needs is this space to thrive and grow as a witch and learn to control her powers.” 

Towards the end of her interview, Sequeria revealed that Buffy the Vampire Slayer, specifically Willow’s groundbreaking storyline, had a significant influence on the character of Sammie, who’s also queer. 

“The Willow storyline in Buffy. I always wanted more of that when I watched it. So, with Sammie’s relationship, it was just touching the surface of it. If we do get another season, I really want to explore that more. I am a queer person, so I put my own experiences in there.” 

You can watch all six episodes of Domino Day season one on BBC iPlayer and every Wednesday on BBC Three.