This week’s episode of All Stars 7 saw the Drag Race winners act in the short film Santa’s School for Girls.

Spoilers ahead for episode eight of Drag Race All Stars 7.

As the winner of last week’s challenge, Trinity the Tuck got to assign the roles each queen would be playing.

After critiques, Raja and The Vivienne were declared the Top 2 of the episode – both earning a Legendary Legend star in the process.

They then lip-synced for their legacy to Super Freak by Rick James, with Raja emerging victorious and $10,000 richer.

Fans were so impressed with the performance that some are declaring it the “best lip-sync of the season” thanks to the “song choice and everything”.

“Drag Race’s best episode yet,” one wrote on social media. “The best acting challenge yet, the ethereal runway, the funny lip sync. Loved it.”

Another added: “RAJA RLLY WENT FROM WORST LIP SYNC OF THE SEASON TO IMO THE SECOND BEST LIP SYNC (next to trin and jaida’s first lip sync) AND I LIVE.”

A third said: “The queen that won the lipsync today was just having fun on the stage… I loved that she won. She was giving me everything!!”

“WE FINALLY GOT AN ICONIC LIPSYNC,” another person wrote.

During the song, The Vivienne poured water over herself and attempted to do a cartwheel – saving herself from a fall in the process.

One fan felt this is what cost her the win: “Damn it! The Vivienne probably would’ve won that lipsync had she not slipped…”

“Raja crushed that lip sync,” another viewer stated. “Viv was good too, but that cartwheel miss sank it for me.”

“The Vivienne almost flipping off the stage omg,” a third concerned viewer tweeted as they watched the episode.

At the end of the episode, Raja had the power of the Platinum Plunger and opted to block Jaida Essence Hall from earning a fourth star next week.

Raja is now the only queen to not have been blocked from earning a star.

All Stars 7 continues every Friday on WOW Presents Plus.

Here’s how other fans reacted to the episode: