Tia Kofi has released another incredible pop anthem, assisted by K-Pop’s first openly gay artist MRSHLL.

Produced and co-written by MRSHLL, Simon Jones and Judy Kim, Heart Beating is a delicate, 80s-influenced slow banger about “that connection you feel to someone emotionally in a strong way initially but almost not believing that it could be true,” according to Tia.

Speaking with GAY TIMES, the star – who memorably rose to fame as a contestant on the second season of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK – praises MRSHLL and their artistry, calling them a “game changer” for queer pop.

“When my manager and I were working on this song we were thinking about collaborators and MRSHLL was top of our list,” she says. “Thankfully they said yes straight away, which was super exciting. I love working with other LGBTQ+ artists. I think there is power in that and joining forces.”

MRSHLL has similar praise for Tia, saying she is one of his “favourites” from Drag Race UK. “Plus, drag queens are trendsetters, culture makers, and an essential facet of our community,” he explains, “and I’m always up for a new experience.”

The trailblazing artist says Heart Beating stems from the “rush you get when you feel an instant connection with someone, but remind yourself to let go of whatever doubts you may be feeling.” For MRSHLL, it’s important for fans to listen to the queer duet for “good skin”, so get streaming!

“[MRSHLL] totally changed the vibe of it and gave it a different energy,” Tia adds of the collaboration. “I think this track shows another side to me and EP.”

Heart Beating is the second single from Tia’s sophomore EP after her acclaimed electropop track Get Better. Her debut EP, Part 1: The Damage, topped the iTunes pop chart and reached number three on the main chart.

The collection featured four singles: Outside In, written by Little Boots and Tom Aspaul; Look What You’ve Done, a collaboration with dance collective Cahill; Loving Me Like That, an 80s-inspired breakup anthem; and I Want It All, a cover of Chantelle Houghton’s iconic fake “hit” on Celebrity Big Brother.

Tia’s second EP is due for release on June. Heart Beating is now available on iTunes and streaming services – listen here or below.