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Victoria Scone caught up with GAY TIMES about what the year since being on Drag Race has been like for her and her hopes for the future of the franchise.

The star made herstory in the UK’s third season as the first-ever cisgendered woman to enter the Werk Room.

She was forced to withdraw from the competition in the third episode after injuring her knee during a lip-sync against eventual winner Krystal Versace.

During a chat before her performance at Manchester Pride this August, which took place almost a year to the day since the cast reveal, Victoria said her journey since appearing on Drag Race has been an “emotional” and “very busy” one.

“It feels like it’s gone very quick,” she explained. “But you know, it’s very lonely up here. I’m still the first cisgender woman to have ever been on the franchise so far.”

Danny Beard and Dakota Schiffer recently made herstory on the UK’s fourth season, becoming the first bearded and openly transgender queens to compete, respectively.

The Cardiff-based queen added that although “it has been nice to be the first” and to see the show expand somewhat, she would love to see the franchise broaden the range of drag performers it showcases.

“But it is lonely, so I’d love to see more diversity,” she continued. “Diversity is delicious.”

Her set on the Alan Turing Stage was her second time performing at Manchester Pride after first doing so in 2021.

“My first Pride was last year when I’d just been announced for season three, so that’s very exciting,” she said at the time. “I only realised today that this is the main stage, I didn’t realise that there’s no other stage, so I’m a headliner here now! Who knew? Look how far I’ve come. Victoria Scone is headlining Manchester Pride. Well, do you know what? After this I’m done. I’ve peaked. That’s the highlight of my career.”

This year marked the first time that the event took place since “significant” changes were made to the organisation following a six-month review.

Pride celebrations more generally were particularly momentous this year given that 2022 marks the 50th anniversary of the UK’s first-ever march.

Discussing the significance of these events, Victoria said: “Pride is so important. Pride is still a protest. We can never shut up and we can never stop talking. And, you know, people like to moan and say, ‘Oh you’re still doing all these Pride things, there’s too many Prides’ – obviously not queers, but the other horrible people.

“But what about, you know, the 14-year-old that’s still realising who they are? What their identity is, what their sexuality is. They need people in a community to look up to, so we will never stop providing that.”

The cast of season three is about to wrap up its tour, which has seen them travel all over the country for around two months.

Victoria said she has “lots of lovely gigs” and projects coming up during the festive period, which fans can keep an eye out for on her socials and website here.

Death Drop: Back in the Habit will soon be returning to the West End, with Victoria starring alongside River Medway, Cheryl Hole and Willam in the new instalment of the show. Tickets are available here