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With 13 winners of the Snatch Game conquering their respective seasons of Drag Race, the fan-favourite maxi-challenge has often been said to “separate” the drag queens from [insert country here]’s Next Drag Superstar. And thanks to iconic and gut-busting impersonations of stars such as Dame Maggie Smith, Little Richard and Judy Garland, the Match Game parody continues to be the most anticipated moment of each season. Unfortunately, Snatch Game usually occurs halfway – bar All Stars – meaning several queens aren’t offered the opportunity to flex their improv chops. When we spoke to the eliminated competitors of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK season four – Just May, Starlet, Copper Topp and Sminty Drop – we found out which famous celebrity they planned to pay homage to and, honestly, we missed the fuck out. Mr Bean, seriously?

Just May

“Well, my top one is a ginger. She is older and she might be the weakest link. […] And my other one is someone who is actually very like me and he is from Essex. Well no, he’s actually London via Essex. He is originally a ginger but now has jet black hair. “It’s me. It’s Rylan.””

You can read the interview in full here.


“I had two options: either Rowan Atkinson as Mr Bean or… Oh my god, I’ve forgotten his name. What is his name? He’s Ace Ventura? […] I was gonna do Jim Carrey.”

You can read the interview in full here.

Copper Topp

“I was very excited about this and I had a few lined up, but I’ll give you a cheeky one. I was going to give you Anne Boleyn, so think historical Anne Boleyn but with Anne Boleyn from Six the Musical vibes. Little funny things like… Hang on, Sam you’re gonna be RuPaul now. ‘How’s your head, Ru?’ […] And I go, ‘But did it overthrow Catholicism though?’ Little funny things like that and, ‘I only get down on my knees for one thing, and it certainly ain’t praying… Sorry not sorry!’”

You can read the interview in full here.

Sminty Drop

“I was going to do – drum roll please – the famous Diana Vickers. I was going to be barefoot with some muddy feet on the table. My hair was going to be a huge bush with twigs and everything in it. It was going to be a full set of cursive language talking about spirituality. People are gonna be listening to this like, ‘Bloody good job she didn’t make it to Snatch Game!’”

You can read the interview in full here.

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