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On this week’s episode of Drag Race España, the queens played the Snatch Game. As expected, Sharonne scored high, playing the beloved Spanish actor Verónica Forqué. Venedita Von Däsh interpreted a hilarious Miguel Bosé in his COVID denial rants while Juriji Der Klee redeemed herself, embodying a very popular meme in Spain after having survived the elimination the week before.  

Unfortunately, Onyx didn’t do well with her interpretation of the queen Juana La Loca [the mad, in Spanish]. Although she presented a great look inspired by a porcelain doll, her runway wasn’t enough to save her from getting the chop. The tentacle queen sadly left the competition after facing the most-awaited challenge in the franchise. To the delight of viewers on social media, however, we finally had a lip-sync in which both queens ended the performance with their wigs on. 

From her promo to her entrance look, Onyx succeeded in conveying her unique style of drag. She had a wonderful start in the competition after winning the first challenge with her never-to-be-forgotten Fallen Angel, and also kept astonishing the judges with her jaw-dropping outfits in the following weeks.

The 33-year-old queen finished her journey on Drag Race España last Sunday, but not without dazzling viewers and judges with her aesthetic looks. Without further ado, let’s find out what Onyx has to say about her time on the show. 

Onyx, what was going through your mind during the elimination?

I already knew I had not done well in the Snatch Game. It wasn’t a good character choice, but I was fine. There was a moment I realised, ‘I could have to lip-sync today and might get eliminated, I’m not going to waste my last moments in the workroom with the girls.’ I was sad, because I could be sent home and miss all these people so much, but, on the other hand, I was thinking, ‘This is just another challenge, and I’m going for it.’

Where do you get inspiration from to create such a unique style of drag?

As a child, I lived in an environment where I didn’t have many references for people like me. I didn’t access LGBTQ+ culture until I was very old. But when I was young, I read a lot of comics of science fiction, super heroines, or about other worlds. That is where I found shelter. I got into this world where there were heroines and I identified myself with these characters, because they were anything but human. Onyx is a kind of explosion that emerged through drag, precisely from all these references, from this place that has always been safe for me since I was a little boy.

You mentioned how you use drag as a research tool for your own identity…

My evolution as a person was: being heterosexual, coming out as bisexual, then as gay, queer and finally being a drag queen. All these bodies that I have been inhabiting continue to be bodies that I experiment with gender. Drag has helped me understand that my gender expression can be where I can be creative, and it doesn’t impose limits, definitions, or barriers. I can experiment with each new creature I create. I don’t deny having one gender or the other. I see gender as an exercise of creativity, and I think we all can do it.

Is there any look that you were especially excited to show, and you couldn’t?

I consider myself a runway queen. I love to show the looks I make. Through these looks, I tell stories. It makes me sad, not having been able to share more of the looks I had prepared. But you’ll see them anyway on social media.

Do you regret not having played your first option in the Snatch Game?

I don’t know. I’m very happy because Juriji has done a great job. I was laughing my ass off watching her. Obviously I should have chosen another character, but it does not help to think about what would have happened if… I’ll just take it as a lesson for the present and for the future.

The latest seasons of Drag Race, and especially the international versions, have given more space to non-normative drags. What are your opinions on that?

I’m aware that I belong to this kind of drag, that I would call “weird drag”. All types of drag seem to me like an act of courage. One of the things that I would like for the future, is Drag Race to be open to all forms of drag: non-binary, club kid, drag kings. Drag Race is a platform that we have to share with all kinds of artists.

What is your favourite moment from your time on Drag Race España?

The Fallen Angel was a blast. I remember how I was stepping out on the runway and suddenly everyone was quiet. Absolute silence. And in fact I thought, ‘Damn, the look is so bad, that nobody says anything.’ The entire first chapter was very strong. We didn’t know each other. I didn’t know any of the girls well, and we just had a bit of shit talking. Also, it was the first time we met the judges. 

Who would you like to be Spain’s Next Drag Superstar?

I have my heart divided. I admire Sharonne so much. I hope to reach her age being half as professional as she is. She has all the skills that you should have to be a drag queen. She sings, she dances, she acts, she does everything perfectly. But my heart goes out to Estrella. I adore her. When I’m with her, I can’t stop talking to her. I’m happy with any of them taking the crown.

What plans do you have for the future?

I want to start my alien world invasion. I would like to explore all the possibilities that it can bring. This is a professional and personal opportunity to do so much more with the platform I have. I would also like to become a reference for all these people who do drag and feel they are not represented.

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