Glitch-pop artist Yeule has made their return with two new singles ‘Dazies’ and b-side track ‘Fish In The Pool’.

Alongside their album announcement, Yeule’s new track ‘Dazies’ is accompanied with visuals directed by Zhang & Knight. The new release also comes with the instrumental b-side track ‘Fish In The Pool’.

Yeule’s first single for this new era was marked by the ambient soft-rock track ‘Sulk Baby’. By setting their inner musings to cathartic punk riffs and ethereal electronics, Yeule crafted Softscars. “I took the metaphor of the scar to represent each song, and each scar remains soft,” they share.

“Whether you’re healing from emotional trauma or a physical wound, time never heals a scar completely. There’s no more pain, but you can still see the mark afterward. I have a deep feeling that the things my ancestors went through got passed down; there’s some trauma that just sticks. There was always decay and distortion in my life, there’s always been something wrong or ugly. So the scar reminds me that I’m being protected, and I should protect myself.”

softscars marks a new era of yeule embracing their musical project as who they truly are as a person. “I was forcing myself to separate myself from my artist persona and trying to tone myself down, because I felt like people wouldn’t like me if I was really that,” Yeule explains. By becoming the otherworldly figure that once was of their imagination, they have now bridged the fractured identities that could only exist through different contexts and forms.

Softscars represents a new direction for yeule, following their 2022 project Glitch Princess, as they explore softer textures and disembodied arrangements that feature their ethereal vocals front and centre. The project closely examines the anatomy of their long-held emotional wounds for their most vulnerable work yet.

Yeule’s upcoming album was written and produced by themself and creative collaborator Kin Leonn as well as additional production support from Mura Masa and Chris Greatti.

Softscars is out 22 September via Ninja Tune.

Watch the official music video to ‘Sulk Baby’ below.