St. Vincent has received mixed reactions over her recent tribute to the late SOPHIE. 

Back in January 2021, the beloved electronic artist tragically passed away following an accidental fall from a three-story balcony in Athens, Greece. 

According to her girlfriend, Evita Manji, she had climbed to take a picture of the full moon. 

Since her heartbreaking passing, many of SOPHIE’s friends and industry peers have released tributes in various forms to honour her life. 

In March 2024, St. Vincent revealed that her track ‘Sweetest Fruit’ off her new album, All Born Screaming, would highlight the beloved talent. 

“The internet twists things, and I don’t want it to be seen like I’m trying to capitalise on somebody’s death,” she explained to The Guardian.

“I was an admirer from afar, we never met, but I read about the way that she fell because she was trying to get a better look at the moon, which was just the most beautiful, poetic thing I’ve ever heard.” 

On 26 April, music listeners were finally treated to St. Vincent’s album and the aforementioned tribute.

Since its release, the fan reaction has mostly been negative, with many slamming its opening lyrics: “My SOPHIE climbed the roof / To get a better view of the moon / Moon / My god, the one wrong step / Took her down to the depths / But for a minute, what a view / What a view.” 

One fan on X, formerly known as Twitter, wrote: “Genuinely quite sad about how that SOPHIE reference drags the St Vincent album down lol. It’s for sure her best since the self titled but oh mannn what an ill advised choice to bring that up.” 

Another person tweeted: “St. Vincent and SOPHIE had the exact same relationship that SOPHIE and I had (no relationship) for her to write those lyrics is disrespectful and weird as hell.” 

While many listeners were upset about the tribute, a handful of fans came out in defence of St. Vincent and her intentions with track. 

“The St Vincent SOPHIE tribute is badly written, but it’s not disrespectful or anything,” one X user wrote. 

A fourth fan added: “I sort of understand both sides to St. Vincent’s well-intentioned but weird lyrics about SOPHIE, so I’m just gonna let go and let God.” 

St. Vincent isn’t the only artist to have released a song honouring SOPHIE or expressed plans to do so. 

Back in 2023, Caroline Polachek dedicated her track ‘I Believe’ to the Scottish producer. 

However, like St. Vincent, the song upset many of SOPHIE’s fans due to the track’s lyrics: “Look over the edge, but not too far.” 

Lastly, Charli XCX’s upcoming song ‘So I,’ which she debuted at the 2024 Billboard Women in Music Awards, is set to honour the late DJ’s life.

“This song is about a person who’s really, really special to me who’s no longer with us,” the Crash artist exclaimed to the crowd before performing the track. 

‘So I’ will be featured on Charli’s upcoming album BRAT, dropping on 7 June.