Kim Petras has opened up about the roadblocks she faced early on in her career. 

If you’re a fan of pop music, chances are you’ve heard of Petras and her expansive music catalogue.

Since making her debut in 2017 with her iconic single I Don’t Want It All, the young talent has steadily worked her way up the music ladder –which has resulted in a dedicated worldwide fanbase and history-making achievements.

While her record-breaking career shows no signs of slowing down, Petras’ early years in the industry were far from easy. 

In a recent interview with Billboard, Petras opened up about the roadblocks she faced while trying to make it as an openly trans singer-songwriter. 

“When I tried to sign to [labels] in the beginning of my career, it was like, “What is the fan base going to be? How do we market this? There isn’t a place for you,”” she revealed.

While she received pushback from closeminded music execs, Petras revealed that she found her fanbase in the gay club scene. 

“Then I went to gay clubs and built a solid fan base and showed everyone it’s possible. Now they have to accept it,” she explained.

“I’m happy there are more trans artists now that are being taken seriously. I just don’t want to be the last.” 

Elsewhere in her interview, Petras opened up about receiving more opportunities since releasing her acclaimed single Unholy alongside Sam Smith. 


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“[Before] it was like, “Oh, the gays love her,’ but people didn’t want me on their songs. I didn’t get budgets approved. It was rough,” she explained. 

“I’ve been an independent artist for so long just hustling and playing clubs, and no different people are hitting me up to collaborate and get in the studio. It’s cool that people are catching on.” 

Lastly, the Icy singer credited industry legends – like Madonna, Nicki Minaj, Kylie Minogue and Cher – for giving her the strength to live her life “authentically.”

“Women in pop music were my only friends in high school,” she explained. “They were everything I wanted to be and [gave me] the strength I [needed] to transition and live my life authentically. They gave me the strength to be myself.” 

Petras’ interview comes a few weeks after she and Smith took home the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance grammy for their hit song Unholy.

Due to her incredible feat, Petras became the first trans woman to win the category and the second trans woman to ever take home a Grammy after Wendy Carlos’ win in 1969.

“This song has been such an incredible journey for me, and Sam has been a supporter of mine for so long,” Petras said during the pair’s speech. 

“I just want to thank all the incredible transgender legends performing who kicked these doors open for me so I could be here tonight.” 

We can’t wait to see Petras break down more doors for the LGBTQ+ community.