Dove Cameron has released a politically-charged music video for her new single, Breakfast, which reimagines the world as we know it.

The singer depicts the world as a place where patriarchy doesn’t exist and women instead hold the power men have in society today.

The video, which was directed by Lauren Dunn, begins with a reporter explaining that men are having to fight for their reproductive rights as women currently are in a post-Roe v. Wade world.

“I was feeling incredibly disillusioned watching the recent SCOTUS ruling, and I couldn’t wrap my head around making a music video at a time when I felt so desolate,” Dove explained in a statement.

“With this video, I want to show the disturbing contrast between stylised femininity and masculine power and the gender stereotypes that plague our social commentary.

“I want the audience to notice how strange it is to watch the roles be reversed and it was important to highlight how ingrained these roles really are in our nervous systems.”

At other points in the video, Cameron goes to an office where she holds a meeting with other female executives.

She then flips the stereotypes of workplace harassment by showing a woman gently caressing the back of a male assistant, proceeding to give that worker a martini before the two passionately kiss.

“Hopefully, by re-contextualising these familiar scenes, this video will encourage people to vote for a world where we leave gender discrimination as a thing of the past and stop bringing the past into the present,” Cameron also said of the Breakfast visuals.

You can stream Breakfast below or by clicking here.