Instagram: coollike
Instagram: coollike

YouTuber Charlie McDonnell has come out as trans in a new social media post.

On 7 October, the popular Twitch streamer returned to Instagram with a major life update.

“Gender reveal. Still going by Charlie but the new pronouns are she/they,” Charlie wrote alongside the trans flag.

The post also included a new photo of the beloved media personality with a fringe hair cut and clear glasses.

Before her landmark announcement, the young talent was absent from social media for over two years. Her successful YouTube videos were also wiped from her channel.

Shortly after Charlie revealed the news, fans flocked to Instagram to shower her with congratulatory messages.

One person wrote: “I am so so happy for you, Charlie. I’m a trans man and I named myself Charlie after you so many years ago – it makes my heart very, very warm to see this <3 You are magnificent.”

Another fan commented: “Just started watching more of your current content after growing up with your channel, and seeing you thriving like this makes me SO happy omg.”

It’s a Sin creator Russell T Davies and YouTuber’s KickThePj, Lucy Moon, and Jackson Bird also uploaded congratulatory messages to her post.


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Charlie’s monumental coming-out announcement even got the attention of Stonewall UK, who commented: “Huge congratulations, Charlie!”

Since her debut in 2007, Charlie has cultivated a dedicated following and an expansive social media career.

In 2011, she became the first YouTuber in the UK to reach 1 million subscribers – with her first video, “How to get featured on YouTube”, initially thrusting her into the spotlight.

Alongside their YouTube presence, Charlie was also part of a successful Doctor Who-themed band named Chameleon Circuit.

However in 2019, the social media personality shocked fans when she announced the end of her YouTube career.

“I have, essentially, quit the YouTube thing,” she said in a deleted tweet (via New Scientist). “Turns out that tying up your perceived worth with your level of success on a website is a very bad idea.”

Since that fateful day, the Don’t Look Deeper creator has shifted their focus to screenwriting and making content for the popular live streaming service Twitch.

We can’t wait to see what’s in store for Charlie in the future.