GAY TIMES is Europe’s longest-running LGBTQ publication, with our roots tracing back to 1972.

A lot has changed over nearly five decades, and although we’re proud of much of our past, we’re even prouder to celebrate our future, with the next generation of queer people championed by our four inspirational cover stars, to be revealed tomorrow.

I know we all felt a great deal of responsibility planning the 500th issue of Europe’s longest- running LGBTQ publication. Instead of reflecting on iconic moments from the last five decades of our history, we realised 500 was not so much about the pressure of the past, but rather a unique opportunity to showcase the future of the community and continue to be a leader in amplifying queer voices.

With the 500th issue of the magazine, we launch our three month celebration, GAY TIMES 500, an era of recognising the spirit of a community who fearlessly fight for what they believe in, call bullshit on the status quo, and believe in a world where we support and uplift all members of our community – not just those who find their way to the front.

To mark this celebration, we’ve we’re proud to launch a refreshed brand identity for GAY TIMES, as well as a commemorative 500 logo.

The GAY TIMES 500 custom lettering represents the fluidity and connectivity of the people we strive to give a voice to through our media, while the prominent flourishes on the numbers represent the dynamics of our company spanning out into new fields.

The single block colour tones of the various Pride flags could be seen to oversimplify the continually changing dynamics of the community and people, stories and experiences we strive to represent. So our new brand gradients demonstrate the ever-changing nature of our community, with deep complex colours and light flourishes, referencing the far ranging nature of our individual queer experiences. With every colour from the spectrum at our disposal, here are just six that we love!

For GAY TIMES, there hasn’t been a time quite like now and we’re so excited to step into tomorrow with more of you than ever before.