Photo: @queermurphys

An estimated 20,000 gathered in Brighton in protest for trans liberation on Saturday (16 July). Trans Pride Brighton returned last weekend for the first time since before the pandemic. 

The parade set off from Jubilee Square before marching along the seafront. Activists, allies and members of LGBTQ+ community carried flags including the intersex flag, the Pride Progress flag and shouted out chants such as “trans rights now!”.

Brighton Newspaper The Argus reported protesters carrying banners reading “Trans liberation now”, “Trans women belong in sport” and “We will always be here”. 

Protesters received a warm welcome from passers-by according to Twitter.

During the Brighton Trans Pride Protest March a person ran up the side of the road with a sign saying ‘Honk for trans rights’, every single car honked and waved and smiled,” one user wrote.

“Terfs act like everyone hates trans people but clearly that’s not true.”

Protesters’ placards also shared messages addressing the conversation around trans rights amidst the ongoing Conservative party leadership election, including the trans conversion therapy ban. 

According to The Argus, one banner appeared to call out Liz Truss, reading: “Form a government, we can’t even Truss her to reform an act.”

Response to the protest has been largely positive with many flocking to social media to share their feelings about the event.

“Participating in the Trans Pride march in Brighton today was incredibly uplifting and beautifully emotional,” one user shared.

“One of the best bits about Trans Pride Brighton this year was getting to bring my wonderful boyfriend, who is the most accepting (and most handsome) man in the world,” another said.

“So accepting, in fact, that a photographer mistakenly thought Dan was trans too.”

Trans Pride Brighton has been running since 2013. According to reports, this year marked the largest ever turnout for the event. 

Later this month, the city will also host Brighton and Hove Pride, which celebrates the city’s vibrant LGBTQ+ community with a parade set to feature businesses and organisations across Brighton.

See all of the best photos from Trans Pride Brighton below.