Tom Daley has launched a brand new Pride collection on his Made With Love fashion label.

100% of the proceeds will be donated to Rainbow Railroad, the global non-for-profit organisation that has made it their mission to help vulnerable LGBTQ+ citizens from all corners of the world based on their sexual orientation, gender identity and/or sex characteristics.

Most recently, the charity helped bring the first group of LGBTQ+ Afghans to the UK following the country’s fall to the Taliban.

In a statement, Daley said he’s “grateful” to live in a country where he doesn’t have to “fear for his life”, which can’t be said for “our LGBTQI family around the world who face violence and oppression simply because of who they are”.

“As an athlete, I’ve visited countries where it’s illegal to be me, but protected by the international rules for competing athletes,” he added.

“Every time I go, I think about people like me in that country that either can’t live authentically or are at danger because they are. That’s why I wanted to launch a Pride collection where every penny of the profits go to Rainbow Railroad.

“This incredible charity helps people in our community escape state-sponsored violence and get them to safety. It’s awful that they’re even needed, but I’m glad they’re there doing incredible work.”

The British diver launched the aforementioned label in November 2021 after he gained significant media attention for knitting in the stands at the Tokyo Olympics. Daley later received plaudits from Vogue Italia and Elle Japan.

The collection, which follows Daley’s initial 15-piece knitting kit line, contains hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts and vests – available in white, black, pastel pink, pastel blue and pastel yellow. Prices range from £25 to £49 for adults and £15 to £39 for children.

Since its inception in 2006, Rainbow Railroad – the 2021 recipient for the GAY TIMES Honour for International Community Trailblazer – has transformed the lives of thousands of LGBTQ+ refugees.

In an interview with GAY TIMES, Kimahli Powell, Executive Director, said: “70 countries have criminalised same-sex intimacy and those two crises intersecting means that there are more displaced LGBTQI+ people than ever before.

“So, we identify people at risk, we verify every case and try to identify pathways for support, then ultimately we pay for the cost to have them flee.”

You can follow Rainbow Railroad on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (all under ‘RainbowRailroad’). For more information, visit their website here

Tom Daley’s brand new range is available on