The Sims has announced a trans-inclusive update which includes the introduction of top surgery scars, chest binders and shapewear, among other things.

It comes as part of a wider effort from Electronic Arts (EA) to become more inclusive and give players more customisation options.

“We have so much new stuff with this release and we can’t wait to dive in and tell you all about it,” it said in a press release on 31 January.

“We do want to make a quick note that while we have added quite a few new assets, these are purely visual and don’t add new gameplay functionality.”

Within the ‘Body’ section during the ‘Create a Sim’ process, users will have the opportunity to add top surgery scars to their Sims.

Elsewhere, in the Tops category, players can find a binder top asset which can be used on teen and older Sims.

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These come in a variety of colours and can be used on both masculine and feminine body types.

Other shapewear is available in the same part of the game.

There will also be a new Medical Wearables category within the ‘Body and Face Accessories’ part of the game, which enables users to add things such as hearing aids and Glucose Monitors to their Sims.

The update was quickly met with widespread praise from fans of the beloved video game.

Writing on Twitter, one said: “Binders, top surgery scars, hearing aids and glucose monitors? This is the best update since we could have feminine clothing on masculine frame and vice versa.”

Another added: “I just gave my trans Sim a binder (crop top) so excited to get real ones now!! Plus medical wearables!! Finally give my Sim self the hearing aids I have.”

“I said I wasn’t going to play until the infant update, but I think I change my mind,” a third said.

The Sims 4 recently introduced customisable pronouns

The update follows The Sims 4 recently allowing players to add customisable pronouns for all Sims.

This includes their subjective, objective, possessive, and reflexive pronouns.

EA and Maxis worked alongside the It Gets Better Project and GLAAD to ensure the feature was introduced appropriately.

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Same-sex relationships have always been available in The Sims, though the fourth instalment included more LGBTQ+ inclusivity than ever before.

This included pre-made LGBTQ+ Sims, Pride content and gender customisation options, the latter of which was also done in collaboration with GLAAD.