Spice Girls superstar Melanie C reveals the tabloids were obsessed with her sexuality due to her Sporty Spice persona.

The singer opened up about her experiences with the tabloid press at the height of her girlband fame in the 90s.

She told The Times: “That really signifies how we’ve changed as a culture, doesn’t it? Because it was almost like it was an accusation of being gay.”

“A lot of it was judged on my appearance, which is an outdated notion, thank goodness.”

Melanie C also noted that the speculation made her feel closer to the LGBTQ+ community.

She often makes appearances at various Pride events and joined drag collective Sink The Pink on their world tour.

“I actually love that [it happened] now because it gives me this affinity with the gay community,” she explained.


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The 48-year-old also revealed there were physical altercations between the band members in the early days of their career.

On one occasion, Geri Horner ended up getting hit.

“I can see us in our fluffy white robes at the Four Seasons in LA, and me and Melanie were getting a bit ‘grr grr grr’ after a night,” she said.

“We’d come back to the bar, we were on the port, so it was obviously one of those nights where there had been quite a few beverages. And Geri, trying to keep the peace and keep us apart, ended up getting clocked in the face.”

In recent years, the Spice Girls have teased many reunions.

Their 2019 Spiceworld tour (without Victoria) proved the group still has an influence on modern pop.

Their impressive back-catalogue includes Wannabe, Viva Forever and 2 Become 1.