Gwendlyn changed her Twitter bio to describe herself as a “raging bisexual.”

Reality TV star Gwendlyn Brown has come out as a “raging bisexual” on Twitter. She didn’t post a message coming out, but simply changed her Twitter bio, according to Monsters and Critics, and has since deactivated her account.

Gwendlyn rose to fame on Sister Wives, a TLC show following the lives of a polygamist family, Kody Brown and his four wives, Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn. She is the daughter of Kody and Christine.

Some fans were confused about her use of “raging bisexual”, and when one reached out for clarification, Gwendlyn responded by posting the dictionary definition, describing herself as a “two and a three.” Those definitions describe raging as “violent, wild” and “extraordinary and tremendous.”

Gwendlyn had hinted at her sexuality before, with a repost in support of Black Lives Matter, saying: “There wouldn’t be any queer liberation to be proud of were it not for the queer people of color that fought to set it all in motion, especially trans women of color.

“This pride month must remain irrevocably linked to black liberation, so I’ll be spending it donating regularly, educating myself privately, and supporting publicly, in the hopes that some tangible reform can begin – hope you’ll do the same.”

Gwendlyn isn’t the first Sister Wives star to come out, as her half-sister Mariah came out as a lesbian last year, and is currently engaged to her girlfriend, Audrey Kriss.

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