Pro wrestlers AC Mack and Rico González are officially off the market.

Back in October 2023, the two lovebirds surprised fans when they announced their engagement in a heartfelt social media post.

“Dear World, “When you know, you just know”,” they wrote alongside adorable photos of them embracing on Flamenco Beach in Puerto Rico.

Over the last few months, the adorable couple have remained relatively mum on their wedding festivities… until now.

On 26 June, Mack and González revealed on Instagram that they finally tied the knot in an intimate beach ceremony in Puerto Hermina, Puerto Rico.

“One sec… My HUSBAND is calling me,” their heartwarming caption read alongside a handful of romantic photos from the event.

In one snapshot, the handsome couple are shown kissing under a rocky archway in matching white ensembles, while another photo features them passionately embracing in the ocean.

Lastly, the carousal included a group shot of Mack and González with their family and a picture of the newlyweds holding hands on the beach.

In an additional post on X, formerly known as Twitter, González shared an article from OutSports – who covered their nuptials – alongside a caption reflecting on his special day and the importance of LGBTQIA+ representation.

“It’s not always easy to share this stuff for what feels like everyone we know to see, but it’s more important than we think,” he wrote.


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Since uploading their heartwarming post, the couple have been inundated with supportive comments from their fans and pro wrestling peers.

Daphanie LaShaunn, who made waves as the first Black female referee for the WWE, wrote: “Your husbanddddd. Congrats to y’all.”

One fan commented: “So Beautiful — two beautiful souls joined as ONE Big beautiful souls. Congratulations.”

Another user on X wrote: “Congratulations to you and AC both, this is great to hear! All the happiness to you.”

Before getting engaged and tying the knot, the pair made headlines for their successful and show-stopping careers in the wrestling sphere.

In January 2022, Mack became the first openly gay man to win a wrestling world championship after he beat Alex Shelley during the IWTV Independent Wrestling World title.

“I started wrestling in 2016. And plenty of people told me, ‘You ain’t gonna never make it out of this state. Not with the way you look, not with the color of your skin, not with who you like to sleep with,'” he exclaimed after his landmark win.


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“We found out that now AC Mack goes down in the history books — not just the indies, not just the major leagues, not Japan, not anything — all of pro wrestling now has its first openly gay male world champion.”

However, in June 2023, Mack announced that he would be stepping away from the wrestling world following his final match against his now-husband González, per Wrestling Inc.

“Thank u, pro-wrestling!” Mack wrote on X at the time to commemorate his departure.

As for González, the emerging talent has continued to carve his own impactful lane in the pro wrestling universe, turning heads during matches at Effy’s Big Gay Brunch event and more.

We can’t wait to see AC Mack and Rico González marriage thrive.