Photo: Parkes Philanthropy

Parkes Philanthropy, a Black and woman-owned social impact advisory firm, has created a “philanthropic venture by and for the community”.

Dedicated to equipping nonprofits, businesses and individuals with “the ideas, resources, and support they need to deepen their impact,” Parkes Philanthropy was named one of the Top Standout Firms of 2022

More recently, the firm was awarded the 2023 Impact Award by Real Leaders Magazine.

To mark Black History Month, Parkes Philanthropy has launched a new Giving Circle called The Giving Black Fund.

With African-American households giving more than 25% of their income annually than their white counterparts, the impact investment collective, which consists of Black professionals, “aims to “amplify their impact by leveraging their collective influence and venture philanthropy”. 

Brandon Parkes, CEO/Founder of Parkes Philanthropy, said in a statement: “Legacy isn’t just about honoring the past, it’s about being impactful in the present and creating a better future.”

The Giving Black Fund will address the lack of visibility for Black LGBTQ+ people, who are often excluded from conversations in Black History Month, with the fund’s first round of grants focusing on BIPOC organisations.

According to a further statement, Parkes Philanthropy intends to “create a platform for Black LGBTQ professionals to give back on a regular and intentional basis while connecting with like-minded individuals.”

The Giving Black Fund is currently accepting nominations for their first round of grants, which will be distributed in March 2023.

As well as quarterly grants, eligible organisations will “also receive support and connections to increase their impact”.

A nonprofit organisation can be nominated via