Photo: Twitter [@Bob_cart124]

Around 100 parents protested sex education and LGBTQ-inclusive lessons outside a primary school in East London.

With the latest protest occurring on 22 October, the parents have reportedly taken to the streets three times in the last month to challenge the lessons.

Standing outside Manorfield Primary School, they held signs reading “my child, my choice, we do not consent” and “don’t rob the childhood innocence”.

The group is protesting sex education in schools, as well as the removal of teaching about LGBTQ+ relationships.

They also called for the headteacher of the establishment to resign as they chanted “our children, our choice”.

Writing on their Twitter page, Parents of Manorfield, the group says: “Over one hundred and fifty parents gathered outside Manorfield Primary School on Tuesday 19th October to protest against the non-engagement of headteacher Paul Jackson.”

The parents protesting go on to cite their “religious background” as the reason for wanting sex education removed from the curriculum.

“Manorfield Primary School have been trying to push through an RSE policy that parents feel is not age appropriate and fails to take into consideration the religious background of the pupils,” they say in a follow-up tweet.

Speaking to MyLondon, a spokesperson for the school explains that the “wellbeing of our pupils is our top priority”.

They state: “We are aware of this morning’s demonstration outside of our school and have worked closely with appropriate authorities to ensure the safety of all children, staff and parents.

“The health, safety and wellbeing of our pupils is our top priority, and we work hard as a school to ensure that our full curriculum supports this.”

The statement continues: “Our school also values open and constructive dialogue between the school and the community it serves, especially parents, which is why we have offered a number of consultative activities and opportunities for parents to engage with the RSE policy.

“We have listened to all of their feedback and taken it into consideration along with all of the guidance from the Department for Education and London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

“Any updates to the policy will be announced later this week and the policy will be published on our website.”

It was announced that sex education lessons would be compulsory from the age of 12 in Britain from September 2020, resulting in an array of protests against this.

At the time, the Department for Education defended the move in a statement: “Pupils should be taught about the society in which they are growing up.

“These subjects are designed to foster respect for others and for difference, and educate pupils about healthy relationships.”