Married At First Sight UK expert Mel Schilling said she advocated “for years” to have the show to include more queer relationships.

MAFSUK made history last season when it featured its first ever gay couple, Daniel and Matt.

This year, the show has two LGBTQ+ couples, including the first ever lesbian couple, as well as another all-male partnership.

Schilling is a matchmaking expert on the show alongside Paul C Brunson and Charlene Douglas.

In an interview with Digital Spy, she stated “I’ve been fighting for this for years!”

“It is just such a delight to bring that real-world colour and character into this experiment,” she added.

“It’s about time I think that we started to present an experiment that actually does represent the real world. You know, let’s not pretend that everybody looks like me because they don’t.”

Viewers have watched the queer couples tie the knot and head off on honeymoon in the first few episodes.

The relationship expert teased that there’s still plenty of drama to come later in the series.


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“I can’t wait for the audience to start watching and seeing how all these different dynamics develop,” she hinted.

“Certainly how, for example, the straight people respond to the gay people…it’s just the most beautiful melting pot of the real world.”

Other dating shows have been criticised for their lack of LGBTQ+ representation.

Married At First Sight, as well as Lovestruck High, season 8 of Are You The One and The Bi Life, have been praised for a more inclusive approach.