How much time do you spend looking at memes?


To save you some scrolling, Gay Times have compiled 21 of the most relatable memes Instagram has to offer.

Hopefully we can help brighten your week!

Shantay, you’re still gay.

No need to shove it in our faces, think of the children, etc.

(GAY checks Grindr)

Those bloody gays!

And then… oh shit.

Ok, but make it quick!

Secret agent, thirsty gay, we all know there’s no difference.

You’re perfect. You’re beautiful. You look like… trash.

Love or hate the Kardashian’s, they make for a great meme!

I’m late, but also gay, so it’s fine.

Can you think of anything more terrifying?

Just business, as usual.

Couldn’t sleep, Kevin?

Sure, Jan.

We say salad, but we really mean large pizza for one.

He knows every Girls Aloud dance routine, but whatever girl.

Going to a PE lesson was a special kind of hell, right?

I’ve been here all night, and, still nothing.

And it’s not even your torso!

Clothing is a construct, tear it apart!

Well what did you think you’d find, babes?

Words Jamie Dixon