We only have until the end of the day to do it.

On 14 June, The Sunday Times reported plans from the government to scrap proposed self-identification laws for trans and non-binary people, despite its own consultation on the matter finding overwhelming public support for allowing self-ID.

The paper said the government’s planned legislation on this is “basically ready” and could be voted on by MPs in July.

Under the leaked plans, proposals for self-identification will be scrapped, meaning the lengthy process for a gender recognition certificate will remain; there will be a “crackdown” on so-called “quack” doctors; safeguards will be put in place for “safe spaces” for women; a North Carolina-style bathroom bill will be brought in; and there will be a ban on gay ‘conversion therapy.’

The news prompted fierce backlash from social media and LGBTQ+ activists.

Nancy Kelly, the Chief Executive at Stonewall, said the plans are “extremely disappointing if accurate” and would’ve made the lives of trans people much easier, “as we know from the changes already made in Ireland five years ago.”

“The majority of the public responses to the consultation on reforming the Gender Recognition Act supported these changes. This is another blow to our community during a difficult time,” she said in a statement.

“Across issues like access to healthcare, fair treatment in the justice system and the ability to have their voices and stories heard in public life, trans people experience profound inequalities.

“We will carry on, working with trans led and trans-inclusive organisations, to fight for trans people to be able to live their lives with dignity and respect, and for acceptance without exception for us all.”

The LGBT Foundation tweeted: “This is deeply disappointing. The current process for changing the legal gender on a person’s birth certificate is expensive, intrusive and dehumanising. It needs urgent reform, not to be made even harder.”

Gendered Intelligence, a gender diversity charity in the UK, have created a template email for the public to contact Prime Minister Boris Johnson and explain why this barbaric and archaic new proposal should not come to fruition.

“The threat of rollbacks to trans rights, dignity, and legal protections in the UK cannot be overstated. This is an issue of human rights, and of bodily autonomy and integrity,” said a spokesperson.

“If we allow trans young people to be stripped of their agency to make decisions around their healthcare and around which toilets they’re legally allowed to use, next on the chopping block will be wider rights around access to abortion and contraception.”

On Twitter, the charity said they “have it on good standing that we have until TOMORROW” to contact the PM and make our case. All you have to do is sign your name and personalise the email. Visit here – it’ll just take a couple of minutes.