Grindr have revealed a whole new set of  gender identity options for users to select.

The new additions are mainly aimed at their transgender and gender-nonconforming users, and include ‘trans man’, ‘non-binary’, ‘non-conforming’, and ‘queer’.

There is also a ‘cis-man’ option, as well as ‘woman’ in a move that sees them cater for people outside of their traditional user base of gay and bi men.

What’s more, users now have the option to select their preferred pronouns from ‘he/him’, ‘she/hers’ and ‘they/them’.

“We’re celebrating Trans Awareness Month with new, more inclusive features to help trans and gender-nonconforming people connect better,” a spokesperson stated.

Trans health advocate and actress, Blossom C. Brown, added: “It’s gonna make trans people so much more comfortable about online dating.”

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Grindr have also compiled a Gender Identity Help Center, which will help educate users on everything from gender definitions to how to respectfully message a trans or non-binary person.

The hook-up app was first launched in 2009, but over the past 12 months it has become more socially aware with its new editorial offering Into.

Earlier this year, Grindr set about helping LGBTQ Egyptians stay safe in their home country as authorities began to persecute them.

The app issued safety warnings and tips in Arabic to users who are at risk of being targeted by these authorities.

“It will make people take more precautions … we know that the police are under pressure to arrest people and they are going about doing that through all the avenues that they have,” Jack Harrison-Quintana, a director at Grindr told Haaretz.

 Tips that Grindr are issuing include letting close ones know where you are going before you meet someone, double checking if you have mutual friends with the other user, and attempting to meet in a virtual space so you can be certain that you are talking to another LGBT+ person and not an undercover official.

“We always send out messages like this to users who are in places where there is an elevated level of risk,” Harrison-Quintana added.

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