Photo: YouTube [Emmanuel Macron]

Brigitte Macron is allegedly planning to sue the people behind the rumours that she was born as a man named Jean-Michel Trogneux.

According to Paris-based newspaper Le Figaro, a hashtag of her deadname, #JeanMichelTrogneux, was trending for several days in December.

The conspiracy reportedly started after an article was published in September by right-wing journal Faits et Documents.

CNews stated that It was claimed the outlet conducted a three-year-long investigation into Macron and that its theory had support from experts.

It cited “proof” such as Macron frequently covering her neck and not sharing many pictures of herself when she was younger.

The deadname used was a reference to her maiden name, Trogneux, with Jean-Michel being the name of Macron’s brother who could apparently not be contacted by the outlet – leading to a conclusion that he never existed and was, in fact, the first lady herself.

The wife of French president Emmanuel Macron now intends to sue those responsible for creating the rumour, though further details beyond this remain unclear at this time.