Facebook: TJ House
Facebook: TJ House

Former Major League Baseball (MLB) player TJ House has come out as gay in a heartwarming statement.

On 8 December, the former Toronto Blue Jays player took to Facebook to reveal the news and his engagement to his longtime boyfriend, Ryan Neitzel.

“I’ve struggled my entire life with being comfortable in my own skin. I have purposefully distanced myself from people for the sake of trying to protect myself,” he wrote.

“It’s disheartening how one simple thing can change an individual’s opinion of you in a matter of seconds. It has taken me years to wake up every morning and tell myself that you are loved for you, the one that’s deep down inside that you’ve never truly let out.”

House went on to say that despite succeeding in his career, achieving his wildest dreams and earning admiration from fans, he still went home every night wishing he could change who he was.

“Deep down, I wanted something more, I wanted to be loved not for what I did, but who I was,” he added.

The 33-year-old also attributed the recent passing of the Respect for Marriage Act as one the main reasons behind his landmark decision to come out.

“The Respect for Marriage Act protects us to have the same rights and opportunities that each of you have. It protects the same benefits. It makes us equal to you,” he explained.

“It allows Ryan Neitzel and I to come together and create something beautiful. It gives me the confidence to get engaged to the person I love (he said Yes!), to marry them.

“I have a wonderful fiance, who challenges me daily to become a better person. To live life authentically. One who I never deserved but blessed to have. Love you see, it’s for everyone.”

At the end of his emotional post, House revealed that he was “finally healing” after hiding his identity for “20 plus years.”

Shortly after he uploaded his post, fans took to Facebook to praise the talented athlete for sharing his truth with the world.

One person commented: “Congratulations to you and Ryan! And congratulations TJ, for taking that last, toughest step to be true to yourself.”

Another fan wrote: “Congratulations!!! We all have different journeys! I am glad your journey is one of love and self-truth! Thank you for all that you do.”

Some of House’s MLB industry peers also praised the talented pitcher for making his brave announcement.

Former Yankee player Danny Burawa wrote: “Happy and proud of you, my brother. Best wishes in the future.”

In a statement to Outsports, MLB senior Vice President of DEI Billy Bean said: “This is a great day for the league and baseball.”

While House’s recent Facebook post is the first time he’s publically opened up about his sexuality, the beloved player has shared photos of Neitzel on Instagram in the past.

Check out more photos of the happy couple here or below.


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