A father beat his six-year-old son before attacking the child’s mother after seeing him sitting on another boy’s lap.

The man, who currently remains unnamed for legal reasons but resides in Mackay, North Queensland, was said to have erupted after seeing what he believed to be “sexual engagement” between the children.

The father-of-three screamed “being gay is wrong” as he attacked his child, before adding “if they were adults I would have killed them”.

Mackay District Court in Australia heard that the father continuously beat his eldest son, before throwing him to the ground in rage.

When his partner and mother to his children attempted to stop the attack, the dad turned his fury to her and pinned her to the wall by her throat before choking her until she passed out.

“You better fuck me after this,” the court heard the woman was told before losing consciousness.

When she woke, the man said sorry to her before slapping her again when she attempted to provide comfort to one of their other children.

“It’s hard to explain it, I caught my boy sitting on another boy’s lap, this is the saddest thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” the man said to the police. “I’m a piece of shit. I shouldn’t have put my hands on my kid, but a matter of fact I have.”

The attack is said to have been ongoing for several days until he was arrested in August 2020 when the family received a welfare visit.

The court was told that the man ignored protection and domestic violence orders from police, continuing to contact the mother for months after his arrest.

He has been charged with assault resulting in actual bodily harm, choking, attempting to pervert justice, as well as five counts of common assault, contravening a domestic violence order and police protection orders.

He pleaded guilty to all offences on Monday, resulting in a jail sentence of three years – though he could be free by December as he has already spent a year in custody and has a parole hearing on 18 December.