This February, compelling choreographer Malik Nashad Sharpe brings the fifth show in their series built around black and queer aesthetics, He’s Dead.

The show is a social reflection that explores different ways of overcoming difficult narratives, questions, and experiences related to our current political climate. 

Malik Nashad Sharpe, who goes under the moniker marikiscryrycry, is known for their complex and powerful choreography that addresses experiences of black and queer people in the 21st century.

marikiscryrycry speaks of their work: “My work is really concerned with the formal tools of making choreography, and challenging its perceived limits and edges, which is why I think my work is so intense.

“I am interested in using the formal elements of choreography in order to interrogate contemporary political, social, and emotional issues”.

The show will premiere at The Yard Theatre in London on Tuesday 4 until Friday 8 February 2020.

Tickets and information can be found here.