The owner of Club Q, an LGBTQ+ nightclub that suffered a mass shooting in late November, has spoken out his plans for the venue’s future.

Club Q was a safe space for LGBTQ+ people in the conservative city of Colorado Springs, which is exactly what is motivating Nic Grzecka to re-open the club in due course.

“This community has expressed wholeheartedly their need for the space that we’ve provided for 20 years,” he told NPR.

Five people were killed by a gunman in the venue. The suspect, Anderson Lee Aldritch, was arrested by police after being subdued by a courageous veteran, Richard Fierro, who was visiting the venue to celebrate his daughter’s birthday.

Before the original establishment is able to reopen, Grzecka plans to open a new, temporary location in the meantime.

“We’re hoping we can get some funds and people to help get this other space open so we can get our employees back to work and give people a space to go to again,” he said.

Grzecka also told of his appreciation of the support Colorado Springs’ LGBTQ+ community have received from the city after the tragedy.

“The city officials in Colorado Springs have been just wonderful, providing support, therapy, and victim advocates,” he explained.

He pointed to their respect for the LGBTQ+ community and transparency over proceedings following with gratitude.

“[That] doesn’t always happen, and that’s been wonderful,” he followed on.

The owner has previously pointed to rising anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric across America has led to more incidents of deadly violence against the community.

Texas state lawmakers have proposed a number of anti-LGBTQ+ bills for upcoming consideration.

A New York City gay bar has reported a number of attacks in a short period of time.

The suspected perpetrator is next scheduled to appear in court on 6 December. He appeared in a preliminary hearing 23 November.