Bisexual daters are three times more likely to have never had a same-sex dating experience than other members of the LGBTQ+ community, according to Hinge’s first-ever LGBTQ+ dating report.

Researchers at the dating app partially attributed this to biphobia, which often takes the form of discriminatory rejection from other dates.

More than two in 10 (21%) of bisexual daters explained that they had never had a same-sex dating experience because of not being out to family and/or friends.

“I spent a good portion of my life feeling shame and guilt around the topic of sexuality, and I don’t want to let that affect my choices while dating in the future,” said musician Grant Knoche. “Having my sexuality ‘visible’ on my profile helps me and my dates avoid confusion. And while that kind of openness is hard at times, putting everything on the table means I’m connecting with someone who truly understands, and wants to be with all of me. It also builds trust at the beginning of your relationship, which is super important.”

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Hinge’s research also found that 50% of queer, bisexual, trans and non-binary daters on the app have never had a same-sex dating experience because of not being sure how to approach a romantic interest.

The vast majority (80%) of LGBTQ+ daters on the app are, however, open to being someone’s first dating experience.

Almost three quarters (71%) of trans daters are likely to lay out expectations about the type of relationship (monogamous vs non-monogamous) they are looking for before meeting in person.

“We cover what is top of mind for queer daters — what they’re looking for, their biggest hurdles to success — and provide tips to empower their dating journey in the coming year,” said Justin McLeod, CEO of Hinge.

Hinge’s team of Ph.D. researchers and dating experts conducted surveys in November 2022 to more than 14,000 respondents in the LGBTQ+ community to form the report.