Tommy Dorfman has announced an open casting for her new LGBTQ+ film, I Wish You All the Best. 

Back in 2021, the 13 Reasons Why star revealed to Time Magazine that she would be directing a movie adaptation of the popular LGBTQ+ novel. 

Written by author Mason Deaver, the story follows Ben De Backer, a high school student who’s thrown out of their parent’s home after coming out as non-binary.

After moving in with their estranged sister Hannah and her husband Thomas, Ben is forced to unpack their trauma, survive their senior year and navigate a blossoming relationship with fellow high school student Nathan Allan.

Since her initial announcement, details surrounding the film have been kept under wraps. 

However on 30 August, Dorfman announced that she was officially on the lookout for a non-binary actor to portray the film’s protagonist. 

“We are casting somebody to play a non-binary teenager in North Carolina who is coming of age and falling in love, and figuring out who they are after a tragic incident with their family,” she said in an Instagram Video. 

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Alongside the casting news, Dorfman also confirmed that the film would begin filming in the fall. 

“So if you fit this description in any way, shape, or form, and you are interested in auditioning for this film, and you think you can play the role of Ben and carry this movie alongside some really amazing actors this fall, starting shooting in October, I believe. Then please, please, please go to Atomic Honey’s casting page,” she added. 

Following the Sharp Stick star’s announcement, Deaver took to Instagram to express their excitement over the film’s recent developments.  

“Thank you to everyone for sharing the open casting call for Ben yesterday,” they said on 31 August. 

“[Tommy Dorfman] has been dedicated to making this project come to life for years! And the thought that we’re getting closer and closer every day, it still doesn’t feel real.”

If you’re interested in auditioning for I Wish You All the Best, click here for more information.