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Taylor Zakhar Perez has opened up about the possibility of Red, White and Royal Blue becoming a trilogy. 

Back in August 2023, LGBTQIA+ movie enthusiasts were treated to the highly anticipated film adaptation of Casey McQuiston’s acclaimed novel.

Directed by Matthew Lopez, the Prime Video feature follows the passionate enemies-to-lovers romance between Alex (Zakhar Perez), the son of America’s first female president (Uma Thurman), and Henry (Nicholas Galitzine), a British prince.

Upon its release, the film received universal acclaim for its faithfulness to the source material and the electric chemistry between Zakhar Perez and Galitzine.

Over the last few months, fans have called for Prime Video to greenlight a follow-up to Red, White, and Royal Blue. 

Fortunately, on 9 May, López and McQuiston officially announced that a sequel was on the way during a fan screening of the film.

“Yes, there’s gonna be a sequel,” the American playwright exclaimed with the Along For The Ride author adding, “Matthew and I are writing it together. That’s all we can say.” 

Prime Video also released a teaser poster to commemorate the news. A picture of a cake, referencing Henry and Alex’s global scandal in the original, can be seen with decorations of a British and American flag, as well as a number “2” candle.

While fans are still absorbing the exciting news, Zakhar Perez has already set his sights on the future of Red, White, and Royal Blue beyond the sequel. 

A day after the exciting news was announced, Zakhar Perez exclusively opened up to Forbes about all things Red, White, & Royal Blue, including how he see’s the story ending.

“It could be a trilogy. I mean, could you imagine having the first queer trilogy for young people to log in and see themselves on TV?” he explained to the news outlet. 

“I would love for it to be a staple for Amazon and for people to come login and go, ‘Oh, this is my happy place, this is a teachable moment, but I also am going to laugh.’ 

Elsewhere in his interview, the Kissing Booth star opened up about the cultural impact of Red, White and Royal Blue and why so many people have embraced the film. 

“I think because if you remove the two men, it’s just a love story, he explained before pointing out the relatability of Alex and Henry’s complicated yet endearing romance. 

I feel like everybody can relate to that. Everybody has been through that, everybody has been either the one who wasn’t ready for love or the one that was loving too much and they were denied.

“So few times, we get the gratification to see it come full-circle, and then actually succumb to one another and move forward in this relationship… so, I think [the film] is aspirational and optimistic, and just like a wonderful world that we could live in.” 

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