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Burlesque fans rejoice! Christina Aguilera is turning the beloved movie into a stage musical. 

Back in 2010, moviegoers were first introduced to the larger-than-life film starring the ‘Beautiful’ singer and Cher. 

Set in Los Angeles, the movie follows Alice ‘Ali’ Marilyn Rose (Xtina), a young waitress from Iowa who moves to the West Coast to pursue her dream of becoming a singer and dancer. 

After a series of failed auditions, Ali stumbles across a Burlesque club – owned by Tess Scali (Cher) – where she gets a job as a waitress, and her adventure in the entertainment world takes off.

Stanley Tucci, Kristen Bell, Alan Cumming, Peter Gallagher and James Brolin also starred in the movie musical.

While it received mixed reviews from critics at the time, the film has since become a cult classic amongst LGBTQIA+ viewers – with many praising the film for its camp moments and stunning musical numbers. 

Now, over ten years after its initial release, Aguilera is planning to revitalise the Burlesque universe with a stage musical based on the film – aptly titled Burlesque: The Musical.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the ‘Dirrty’ singer is set to executive produce the forthcoming project with the film’s director – Steven Antin – stepping in as writer.

“Yes, the stage musical adaptation is happening. Very exciting,” Antin confirmed to the publication via email. 

Screen Gems

Screen Gems

To add more fuel to the fire, Pussycat Dolls founder and sister of Steven, Robin Antin, seemingly confirmed her involvement in the project – which is set to debut on the West End in the UK. 

“Bye Bye for now #LONDON I’ll be back soooon, for a very long stay! Can’t wait! #MyBritishRoots #2ndHome #BestCityInTheWorld #Burlesque,” she wrote on Instagram.

While further details about the production are being kept under wraps, a source revealed that Burlesque: The Musical will feature songs from the film and new tracks penned by Todrick Hall and Jess Foley. 

Shortly after the news was announced, fans flocked to social media to express their excitement over the musical adaptation. 

One person wrote: “I will spend an absurd amount of money to see this production live.”

Another fan posted: “The way the Broadway community is collectively excited about the Burlesque musical. Y’all the vibes are vibing. @Xtina deserves it.” 

Some social media users have even pitched their dream cast, ranging from Blackpink’s Lisa to Chloe Bailey. 

As of writing, Aguilera has yet to make an official announcement about the musical.