Hands up if sweats are the most clothing you’ll be wearing over Christmas…

The last thing we want to do after we go back to our parents’ house for Christmas is… stuff.

Give us some sweatpants, a movie and some food and we’re set, but unfortunately you have those family members that just have to visit you, because apparently seven years is ‘too long’ since they saw you last – and this in turn means you need to be dressed (people can be so rude).

Here’s the sweats, hoodies and t-shirts that will keep you comfy and covered enough for company.

Mamma loves a hoodie. Anything that has a hood and can be used to retreat from the outside world and we’re in. Whether you’re repping the university outfitters or doing fashun in Valentino, it’s an essential.


Sweats. Need we say more? From retro track pants to luxe cashmere, why don’t you already own them?


You’re going to need a thousand t-shirts to ensure you don’t go from chill territory to homeless man. No-one likes a stinky tee.