It’s giving Cher. Literally. UGG’s latest drops are enough to stamp out all your January blues.

Ugh. Wait we mean, UGG! The Noughties’ most popular brand is back, but it never really left. So let’s not call it a comeback but more of a Y2K revival. Literally, it’s only the third week of January and we have already been treated to two iconic drops.

To kickstart the year,  UGG revealed the new face of their “Feel__” campaign as the ever-iconic superstar, Cher. In the campaign video, Cher talks about being unapologetically herself: “I’ve spent a lifetime of people either hating me or loving me. I mean, you want to be loved, but finally it’s like ‘fuck it,’”, and this is the exact attitude we’re bringing to 2022.

If you feel like there’s an UGG shaped hole in your shoe collection, we got you, babe. Enter in, UGG’s timeless heritage styles like the Classic Mini Boot and Coquette Slipper.

When the Classic Mini first hit our FYP page, just like the Nicki Minaj Roman Holiday meme, we were frantically scrambling through our wardrobes to find our old calf-length UGGS, so we could cut them down to size. But let’s leave the DIY’s in 2021.

Cher has shown us that the new, sleeker minis are everything we need and more. UGG is all about feeling stylish yet comfortable. Cher agrees! Whilst sitting lavishly in her UGGS she quoted “How you feel is the most authentic part of you as a human being” and who are we to argue with that?

But that’s not all. Cher is so ahead of the game as she famously once said, ‘Don’t take your toys inside just because it’s raining’, and we can finally say the same for UGGS with the release of their new Rain collection of waterproof boots. That millennial crisis moment where your UGGS would get wrecked by the rain is no more. This is not Peppa Pig and we do not like muddy puddles!

So, enter the Drizlita; a waterproof, statement-making rain boot which comes in five vibrant colours and an interchangeable rainbow sock. The world of UGG has never been more colourful and camp. With the drop of two more styles, Drizlita Clear and Tasman X, UGG has released a triple threat of fashion, fun and function. UGGS are taking over the fashion world and we are absolutely here for it’s revival.