Alexander McQueen dive into the works of poetic genius William Blake to present a gender fluid collection bursting with luxe frills.

Following from the motifs and themes showcased in their AW21 collection, it’s clear Alexander McQueen are continuing a fluid approach to their menswear offerings. Delivering and combining dreamy romance and sharp tailoring to create statement pieces fit for all wardrobes.

The SS22 collection continues McQueen’s tradition of exploring and celebrating the many layers of British flare and artistry. Inspired by the English poet, painter and printmaker William Blake, themes of imagination as a pure form of escapism are examined.

The collection threads together and explores how beauty and radiant expression can be birthed from darkness and distortion.

Natural elements like water are represented through crashing waves of ruffles and frills. Optimistic sunlight are seen in pastel suiting, and the midnight sky is seen in signature jet black pieces.

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