There are some things that every modern gent should have in his bag…

From a sturdy umbrella to keep your preened head dry, to a witty little notebook to jot down your moments of genius (or to use as a little black book), here’s our Top 8.

BURBERRY Fringed checked cashmere scarf – Shop now

It’s getting cold so it’s a no-brainer. The return of the Burberry check means you should pick up this slate grey option immediately.

THOM BROWNE Grey pebble-grain card holder – Shop now

There’s nothing worse than going on a date and reaching for a card or some cash and it’s in a tatty wallet that you’ve had since 1803. Instead, keep the essentials near in a compact card holder.

SMYTHSON ‘Blah Blah Blah’ notebook – Shop now

Because every once in a while you might strike upon an idea of genius. Plus, it’s just so chic to write things down.

PERSON Clubmaster sunglasses – Shop now

There is still sun in winter. Just do not wear them a) on the tube, b) at night/too early in the morning/anytime when it’s still dark, 3) at a party, 4) on your head.

DENTS Cashmere lines touchscreen gloves – Shop now

The problem with leather gloves is that you can’t use your phone. Luckily, with these Dents ones you can and they’re cashmere lined. Yum.

B&O PLAY Wireless in-ear headphones – Shop now

Am I the only person that thinks Apple’s AirPods look ridiculous? Invest in some Bang and Olufsen wireless ones for great sound.

 LONDON UNCERCOVER Maple-handle telescopic umbrella – Shop now

Great Britain. Need we say more.

TOM HANKS Uncommon Type – Shop now 

If you saw our article on ‘Hot dudes reading’ you’ll know why you should be.