Gothy Kendoll has broken her silence on the most annoying critiques she received on Drag Race UK vs the World

For the fifth episode of the beloved UK-based series, the seven remaining queens tapped into their inner showgirl for Six: the Musical-inspired Rusical, “Seven: Confessions of Drag Queen.” 

However, unlike previous Rusicals, the queens were tasked with writing their own verses and singing live. 

While most of the queens delivered dazzling showmanship and comedic original lyrics, Gothy and Choriza’s performances failed to captivate the judge’s panel, resulting in their bottom two placements.

After the challenge winners – Tia and Marina– delivered a showstopping lip-sync to Self Esteem’s ‘F*****g Wizardry,” the London-based drag talent was selected as the queen to go home. 

Following her elimination, Gothy opened up to GAY TIMES about all things Drag Race UK vs the World season two, and living in her truth while on the series. 

“I definitely wear my heart on my sleeve. I don’t think that’s a bad thing at all. I think a lot of people go in there with a game face and wanna prove they’re the best,” she said. 

“Live the truth, know what I mean? Don’t be afraid to be like, ‘I’m nervous about this’ or whatever, because it’s just real life for me. I’m not gonna put an act on. So yeah, I’m glad people found me relatable. That’s nice to hear.” 


While many UK vs the World viewers embraced Gothy’s unique and down-to-earth personality, the judges often critiqued her for not coming out of her shell, something she described as annoying and frustrating.

“Yeah, and I’m getting annoyed at the critiques for saying that I wasn’t like that. ‘So why ask me here then? You know I’m not that sort of drag queen at all.’ My name is literally Gothy, I’m obviously going to be some miserable goth,” she explained. 

“What do you expect? So, I was getting a little frustrated with the critiques that were like, ‘We don’t feel like you’re on 100. Charisma: two.’ When Michelle [Visage] said that, oh my god, actually hilarious. I am charismatic, but in my own way.” 

Despite being annoyed by the critiques, Gothy revealed that she would be open to returning to the Drag Race franchise.

“Yeah, I’d never say no. It’s such a fun experience and you really learn a lot about yourself and your drag watching it,” she added. 

“But, I don’t know if I’d be any better. I think my runways might be a little bit better! But honestly, in terms of the performance, I think I’ll be a little bit worse.”

Drag Race UK vs the World is streaming in the UK on BBC iPlayer.

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