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The queens headed to Gay Paree on the latest episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 14.

Last week, the queens competed in the gag-worthy LaLaPaRuZa Lip-Sync Smackdown.

While most of the ladies prevailed over their respective performances, Bosco and Jasmine Kennedie ended up in the bottom after losing two lip-syncs.

For their final performance, the two queens performed a sultry rendition of Diana Ross’ track Swept Away.

In the end, Bosco proved to be victorious, which resulted in Jasmine being asked to sashay away from the competition.

After the massive Lip-Sync LaLaPaRuZa Smackdown, the queens entered the workroom with a renewed flare.

But before the competition could progress, the ladies read Jasmine’s long farewell lipstick message.

“Miss Jasmine somehow manages to continue to talk to us beyond the grave,” Bosco said in a confessional. “It just makes me love her more.”

Jasmine’s message also shouted out Angeria Paris VanMichaels, Deja Skye and Jorgeous, which resulted in a shady response from Miss Daya Betty.

“I’d be more offended if [she] was here saying but [she’s] gone, so I can’t be that offended,” Daya said in a confessional.

After Bosco cleaned off the mirror, the group gathered around a table to joke about last week’s event. But it didn’t take long before RuMail interrupted the queens.

“Hey showgirls, I see Paris, I see France, I see queens who sing and dance,” Ru riddled.

After the quirky video message, RuPaul entered the workroom in a shiny gold ensemble and introduced the show-stopping maxi-challenge.

“You need to take us to Gay Paree as you star in the most romantic Rusical of all time, Moulin Ru,” she revealed.

“Set in an iconic Paris drag club, the Rusical features several many iconic roles. There’s Saltine, the tragic showgirl torn between love and money. There’s Mama Z, a bearded queen and the owner of Moulin Ru.

“There’s the Green Fairy. Think of her as a genie in a bottle of absinthe. And last but not least, there are four scene-stealing Moulin Ru girls – Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent.”

Ru then revealed that the queens would be in charge of selecting their own parts before announcing that the show would have a mystery guest director.

After Mama Ru left the workroom, the queens headed to the couch to soak in the Moulin Ru songs and characters.

Unlike previous challenges, the role selecting process proved to be a tense endeavour.

The first queen to claim a role was Daya, who announced that she would be taking on Uniqueness.

Deja claimed the part of Nerve after she brought up her previous sacrifice during the 60s girl group challenge.

Things started to get messy after Angeria and Jorgeous clashed over the role of Talent.

“I want Talent because, bitch, I think I am show-stopping and I definitely showed that in the last lip-sync,” Jorgeous explained. “And I’ve been a team player for almost all the challenges, and now I’m putting my f**king foot down.”

In response, Angeria pointed out that many queens had been “courteous” in previous challenges before Daya asked if anyone was interested in Charisma.

To avoid any further conflict, Angeria backed down from the role of Talent, stating: “You know what? I’m gonna go ahead and call Charisma. I am an entertainer, and Angie’s gonna do what Angie does.”

The shadiness continued when Bosco and Lady Camden butted heads over the role of Saltine.

“It feels like very much my vibe. I embody Saltine, and I am also putting my foot down for her,” Bosco said.

After the Seattle-based queen’s speech, Lady Camden gave her two cents on why she should have the role.

“Okay, yes, there is a sexiness to it, but I feel like I showed the other side of Saltine, which is the romance and the love story,” Lady Camden explained. “I feel like I proved that to the judges as I beat you in the lip-sync.”

The conversation then turned to the role of Mama Z, which none of the queens showed interest in.

Willow Pill then said it would be “fair” for either Bosco or Lady Camden to take on the role.

The latter delivered another speech that detailed their skills of memorising lines before Bosco replied: “Are you sure? Because you’re not going to have them.”

Jorgeous expressed her annoyance over Bosco’s pettiness in a confessional.

“What the f**k, Bosco? Like, it’s rude, honestly,” she said.

To further her stake in the role, Bosco explained that Lady Camden was more versatile to take on either Saltine or Mama Z.

“Telling me I could do both, I just don’t feel like that’s fair, to like sway me that way, you know?” Lady Camden responded.

After going in circles on who would play Saltine, Lady Camden suggested a coin toss to decide.

But Bosco responded by suggesting a vote amongst the queens, which did not float well with Lady Camden.

“I don’t feel like a vote is fair. It’s not up to the other queens to cast this,” she said in a confessional.

After a tense vote, Bosco was placed into the role of Saltine, which resulted in Lady Camden getting upset.

“You know what? F**k all y’all. You better f***ing turn the shit out, and if you don’t, I’m going to be pissed,” Lady Camden exclaimed.

With the roles officially selected, the queens headed to opposite corners of the workroom to cool off.

While working on her lines, Bosco expressed remorse over the situation before Daya affirmed her decision.

“You gotta do what you gotta do to get through the competition,” she told Bosco.

On the other side of the workroom, Angeria joined Lady Camden to comfort her after the recent drama.

“I just wanna say that I really do, like, think that this part will be sickening for you,” she told the Sacramento-based queen.

In response, Lady Camden said it was hard to accept comfort from people happy with their parts, to which Angeria responded: “The part that I have is not a part that I wanted.”

Lady Camden revealed that Angeria’s advice and comfort inspired her in a confessional.

“I feel like Angeria sees something in me that I don’t always see in myself, honestly,” she explained. “And when she’s saying bitch you can do this, I’m kind of going, ‘I think you’re right, I can.'”

The next day the queens hit the stage to practice Moulin Ru with American Horror Story star Leslie Jordan.

“Hello Ladies, I am going to be your director,” Jordan announced.

He then introduced the queens to music composer Leland and choreographer Miguel Zarate.

Before diving into the rehearsal, Leland gave the girls advice regarding their parts and performances.

“The majority of you are on stage for most of the Rusical, so you have to stay in your character from the second the Rusical starts to the second it ends,” the composer said.

After a productive rehearsal, the queens headed back into the workroom to paint their faces for the big show.

While applying their makeup, Deja asked Lady Camden how she felt after the Bosco/Saltine fiasco.

“Honestly, after everything, I feel a little bit embarrassed that I even, like, went as far as to like start an argument with someone over it,” she replied.

Lady Camden then elaborated on her feelings in a confessional and said that she doesn’t like to “get messy and shit.”

On the other side of the workroom, Bosco opened up about her dance background.

“So I grew up doing like tap dancing when I was younger and like my grandma was also my first dance teacher,” Bosco explained. “She was trained to be a Radio City Rockette type of thing.”

Jorgeous, on the other hand, revealed that she had no prior dance experience, which shocked the other queens.

“I never had, like a dance background. I just did it in like my living room,” the Tennessee-based queen said.

Once the queens finished with their looks, they headed out to the main stage for the debut performance of Moulin Ru.

Each queen delivered looks, solid choreography, and expert-level lip-syncing skills throughout the hilarious musical.

After they laid it all out on stage, the queens headed down the runway in their shiniest Mirror Mirror ensembles.

During the critiques, the queens were praised for their show-stopping performances.

However, Jorgeous and Bosco were the only queens that failed to keep the judges consistently entertained throughout the Rusical.

Once the critiques were completed, RuPaul asked the queens who should go home.

Bosco voted for Jorgeous and said that her decision was based on the queen’s track record of being in the bottom.

But in a surprising move, the other girls voted for the Seattle-based queen.

Before heading backstage, Jorgeous threw a little shade towards Bosco regarding her previous “track record” comment.

“If we wanna talk about track record, she was in the bottom three times in one episode,” she said.

After the judges’ deliberations, the queens headed back to the main stage for the final results.

In the end, Lady Camden was crowned the maxi-challenge winner – with Jorgeous and Bosco in the bottom.

The two queens then performed to Whitney Houston’s iconic track Heartbreak Hotel.

Even though they both delivered sickening performances, Jorgeous was announced as the winner of the lip-sync.

However, before officially sashaying away, Bosco was tasked with opening up her chocolate bar.

In a twist of fate, the queen ended up having the golden chocolate bar and was officially saved from elimination.

“Oh my god, to be given a second chance is wild,” Bosco said. “And to be given a second chance that wasn’t even from RuPaul, it was just from the universe is insane.”

Next week on RuPaul’s Drag Race, the queens are tasked with preparing a roast for staple judge Ross Mathews.


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