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World of Wonder

Spoilers ahead.

The queens let it all hang out on the latest episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 14.

Last week, the ladies were tasked with creating signature looks from Michelle Visage’s GlamzonPrime orders.

The maxi-challenge proved to be a stressful endeavour for queens like Daya Betty, Jorgeous, Willow Pill, and Maddy Morphosis. 

After strutting on the runway in their unique looks, the judges placed Jasmine Kennedie and Maddy in the bottom two. 

The girls then performed a passionate lip-sync to Beyonce’s Suga Mama, which resulted in Maddy being asked to shantay away from the competition. 

With the lip-sync officially behind them, the queens entered the workroom to decompress from the explosive events.

Jasmine, who slayed her portion of the performance, expressed her excitement over sending Maddy home. 

“I am very happy seeing Maddy’s message just because I did what I said I was going to do. I wasn’t lying when I said I was going to send you home, girl. I sent you home,” she said. 

After reading Maddy’s lipstick message, Jasmine opened up about their fiery Untucked confrontation – which saw the two queens exchange words over being in the bottom two. 

“We clearly had a moment. I think I needed to lip-sync. I feel like I show myself best while I’m performing,” she explained. 

The New York-based queen was then praised by Daya and Willow Pill for her extravagant performance skills. 

“I think Jasmine right now is feeling so invigorated. This is her first time being in the bottom and she talked a big game about being a good lip-syncer and she did deliver,” Willow said in a confessional. 

“I think she also has to be happy that she gets to have the last word after that fight with Maddy. We know Jasmine needs the last word.” 

After erasing the mirror message, Lady Camden congratulated Jorgeous for taking home the maxi-challenge win, to which Jorgeous responded: “It feels like I made my mark. I made my stamp.” 

But the praises came to a halt when Daya gave the queen a backhanded compliment regarding her GlamazonPrime ensemble. 

“I am very proud of you Jorgeous. That is the sexist hand napkin I’ve ever seen,” she told the Texas-based queen. 

Daya elaborated on her comment in a confessional and revealed that Jorgeous shouldn’t have won.   

“I don’t think Jorgeous deserved to be in the top and when I see her getting all these praises and I’m just safe, it feels a little like a slap in the face,” she said. 

As the conversation continued, Daya expressed her disappointment with being safe and listed all the reasons that qualified her to be in the top three.

She then ended her statement by describing Jorgeous’ outfit as “just fabric”.

After the tense conversation, the girls headed to their respective corners to get out of their ensembles. 

While the queens were taking off their wigs, Jasmine and Deja Skye congratulated Jorgeous before asking if she was okay. 

“What’s wrong? You don’t seem happy?” Deja asked. 

Jorgeous then expressed her annoyance over Daya’s comments regarding her top spot. 

“Yes, I won, but it just makes it seem like I didn’t work as hard as other people did. I did put my all into this f***king look,” she explained. 

In a confessional, Jasmine called Daya “jealous” before saying she didn’t deserve to be in the top. 

“Girl, step it up and stop being a sour puss and stop giving Crystal Methyd,” she said. 

The next day, the queens entered the workroom to start another week of the competition. After the girls continued to praise Jorgeous’ win, Daya interrupted the conversation to apologise for her previous comments. 

“I just wanted to apologise to Jorgeous because I felt like me complaining about not being in the top overshadowed you and your win,” she explained. 

“I genuinely love you and care for you as a friend, so as a friend, congratulations. I hope you accept my apology and just know that I love you and I’m very proud of you.” 

Before the conversation could continue, the queens were interrupted by the sounding alarm of the weekly RuMail. 

Mama Ru then entered the workroom in an electric animal print ensemble to task the queens with another acting challenge. 

“For this week’s maxi-challenge, you’ll be starring in the new Drag Race drama, The Daytona Wind,” she revealed. 

Ru then explained that the show would follow the scandalous lives of three drag dynasties – The Van Michaels, The O’Hara’s and The Davenport’s. 

“Jorgeous, you won the maxi-challenge last week, so you are in charge of assigning the roles,” Mama Ru continued. 

The queens then headed to the sofa to go over the show’s hefty script and various characters. 

Surprisingly, the girls agreed on most of their roles, with only a light pushback between Jorgeous and Deja over the part of Sierra Michaels. 

After a quick run-through of their lines, the queens headed to center stage to give their most dramatic performance yet. 

While the majority of the contestants showcased incredible comedic timing, Deja and Angeria Van Michaels encountered setbacks with their delivery. 

The next day, the queens headed to the workroom to discuss their Daytona Wind experience. 


Angeria opened up to Kerri Colby and Willow and said she was worried about her performance. 

“I don’t feel the best right now,” she said. 

The two queens admitted that the Atalanta-based talent seemed off due to her quiet demeanour.  

“Angeria has been doing so well. And I think she just needs to make sure she doesn’t crack under pressure,” Willow explained. 

“I think the thing that Angie struggles with the most is just always thinking about the worst-case scenario. I don’t know if she always knows how freaking special she is.” 

On the other side of the workroom, Daya asked Jorgeous if she was still mad at her regarding their tension earlier in the episode. 

“So have you forgiven me yet? Because you know I’m obsessed with you. But at the same time, we are here for a competition and I’m here to f***ing win, especially since I’ve been safe,” Daya explained. 

She then went on to say that she doesn’t want her competitiveness to overshadow her support for the Texas queen. 

The conversation then turned to San Francisco’s historic Folsom Street Fair, which is the city’s annual BDSM and leather street fair.

After discussing the beauty of the liberating festival, the queens headed to the stage to show off their creative Chaps On The Runway looks. 

Each contestant delivered jaw-dropping outfits that wowed the judges, but it was Lady Camden who delivered a sickening reveal that left the panel truly gagged. 

With the runway portion completed, the queens gathered onto the stage to watch the final cut of The Daytona Wind.

But before the show could commence, Mama Ru announced that she made some executive decisions while editing. 

“Last night I was watching the dailies from The Daytona Wind and something was missing,” she explained. “I couldn’t put my finger on it, and then suddenly, without warning, poof there it was.

“So I’m excited to share with you the official directors cut of The Daytona Wind.”

The girls were then treated to their dramatic, scandalous and fart-filled performances.

Once the laughter subsided and the “gassy” air cleared, Kerri, Angeria, and Deja were announced safe.

But unlike previous weeks, Mama Ru dropped a surprise twist and revealed that the remaining six queens were all tops this week. 

“Ladies, you represent the tops of the week. That’s right. You all did such an amazing job, this week there are no bottoms. Imagine that in West Hollywood,” she explained. 

Mama Ru then revealed that she would choose the top two queens of the week to lip-sync for the maxi-challenge win. 

After the judges’ deliberation, Daya and Lady Camden were announced as the finalists. The two competitors then hit the stage to perform a rock-filled lip-sync to the classic Blondie track, One Way Or Another. 

In the end, Lady Camden was announced the winner of the challenge and its coveted $5,000 cash tip. 

Next week on Drag Race, the queens will be tasked with singing retro-styled songs. The episode will also see comedian Alec Mapa join the judges’ panel. 

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