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Spoilers ahead.

The remaining queens made their DragCon debuts on the latest episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 14. 

Last week, the ladies delivered their shadiest reads during the competition’s annual library mini-challenge. After a slew of friendly coated insults, Bosco landed at the top of the reading pyramid. 

Later in the episode, the queens time-travelled back to the 60s and delivered unforgettable performances as The Shang-Ru-La’s, The Ru-Nettes and The Ru-Premes, respectively.

Following their groovy showcase as lovesick girl groups, the queens strutted on the runway in their signature “Heart On” looks. 

While the majority of the queens scored favourable reviews, Kerri Colby and Jasmine Kennedie failed to captivate Mama Ru and company. 

The two queens were then asked to lip-sync to an electric remix of Toni Braxton’s track Unbreak My Heart. In the end, Kerri was asked to sashay away. 

After the intense performance, the ladies entered the workroom with heavy shoulders. Jasmine, who prevailed against Kerri, felt the most impacted by her elimination. 

“I feel a sense of relief because I’m not the one eliminated, but at the same time, it’s a bittersweet moment because I sent home Kerri,” she said in a confessional. 

After reading the lipstick mirror message, Jasmine opened up about Kerri’s impact in a tearful statement to the queens. 

“She made me realise that you have to live your life authentically 100 per cent yourself and not hold anything back,” she said. “She represented everything I wanted to be.” 

The queens’ conversation then shifted over to Daya Betty and her first maxi-challenge win. 

“I’m so f**king excited,” she exclaimed. The Chicago based queen then apologised for her competitive behaviour before she told the girls that she’s just “keeping her head in the game.” 

In a confessional, Willow Pill expressed her appreciation for Daya’s honest personality.

“Daya is really open about how competitive she is and that’s something I appreciate because I’m not open about how competitive I am,” she explained. 

Before heading off to de-drag, Deja Skye and Jasmine were highlighted as the only two queens not to secure any competition wins. 

“I want a win. I need a win. I’m hoping that I can throw some, you know, pearls on the stage, I can trip someone, something very subtle that I can get away with,” Deja said in a confessional. “I don’t have a strategy mindset.” 

The next day, the queens gleefully entered the workroom to start another week of the competition. 

Shortly after the ladies settled around the table, Mama Ru entered the room in her suavest ensembles. 

“They say it’s a man’s world, but when it comes to snatching attention, nobody does it better than a drag queen,” she riddled. 

Mama Ru then introduced the mini-challenge, which consisted of the girls putting on fast drag and photobombing famous men. In the end, Willow and her hilarious poses secured the win. 

After their camp photo shoot, Mama Ru informed the queens that RuPaul’s DragCon would be making a return. 

“In addition to exclusive performances, the sickening shopping, and the star-studded meet and greets, my favourite part is the DragCon panels,” she explained. 

Following her panel revelation, Ru formally  introduced the maxi-challenge, stating: “You’ll work in two groups to tackle the highly fascinating and deeply complex topic of… menzes.” 

Since Willow won the mini-challenge, RuPaul granted her the ability to choose her team – which consisted of Deja, Angeria Paris Van Michaels, and Lady Camden. 

Before exiting the room, Ru informed the queens that each group needed to choose a moderator for their panel. 

While Willow’s team seemed to thrive with their arrangement, Daya expressed her hesitancy in working with Jasmine. 

“I am a little nervous. The other team, they’ve all been playing the game super strong,” she said in a confessional. “However, Willow puts me in a group with Jasmine. Jasmine is like an energy vampire.” 

After Mama Ru left the room, the queens broke off to discuss their upcoming panels. 

During their brainstorming session, Team Willow displayed great chemistry and effortlessly decided on Deja being the panel moderator. 

However, the other team showcased a tense exchange when Jasmine pitched for the coveted role. 

“Here’s the thing, Jasmine knows how to talk but the moderator also needs to know when to stop talking,” Daya said in a confessional. 

The conversation took another awkward turn when Bosco expressed her interest in the role – which Daya and Jorgeous backed. In the end, Jasmine forfeited the position to Bosco in an effort to work as a “collaborative” team. 

Mama Ru then re-entered the workroom to give advice regarding their panel topics.

During Team Willow’s advisory session, she suggested that Lady Camden and Angeria step out of their shells. She also instructed them to deliver “real tangible information” during their panel. 

While working with the other team, Mama Ru asked about Daya and Jasmine’s love/hate relationship. The question resulted in a spicy exchange between the two queens, in which Daya described Jasmine as a troublesome “little sister.”

 Ru then suggested that the group “workshop” their panel more and add personal and fun elements. 

The next day, the ladies started their glam routines to prepare for their DragCon debut. While putting on their make-up, Bosco asked Jasmine how she felt about the challenge. 

“I’m feeling very good. I think our group is doing a lot better than we were,” she responded.

Jasmine went on to say that she’s working on giving room for other people to talk, which resulted in Daya playfully stating: “Is Jasmine learning something?” 

“I don’t think my team has the utmost confidence in me in this challenge but I am very much for the team, and I’m going to take the critiques and dial it back,” Jasmine explained in a confessional. 

On the other side of the workroom, Lady Camden opened up about looking like her mother in drag. 

“Yeah, the first time I got in drag, a lot of my mum’s friends were like, ‘Oh my God, you are your mother,'” she said. 

Angeria then shifted the conversation to Willow, in which she praised the Chicago-based queen for her timid yet firm demeanour. 

“I really like that you are quiet, but you don’t play the back. You’re still going to have a voice,” the Atlanta queen said. 

After the wholesome camaraderiethe queens headed to the main stage for their first-ever RuPaul’s DragCon panel. 

Each group beautifully displayed organic, meaningful and comedic conversations surrounding men. 

The queens were then tasked with strutting down the runway in their most creative Shoulder Pad looks. 

Like last week, Mama Ru announced that girls would be judged individually. 

She then selected Deja, Willow, Bosco, Jorgeous, Jasmine, and Daya as the tops and bottoms of the week. 

In the end, Bosco was announced the winner of the maxi-challenge –which left Jorgeous and Jasmine in the bottom two. 

The two talented performers then delivered an unforgettable lip-sync to Etta James’ Something’s Got A Hold On Me. 

In the aftermath of the performance, Mama Ru delivered another twist when she saved both queens from elimination. 

“Ladies in the back, please take note. This is how you lip-sync for your life,” she exclaimed. “You did fabulous, ladies.” 

Next week on RuPaul’s Drag Race, the queens are set to portray their most rambunctious celebrity impersonations in the Snatch Game. GAY TIMES cover star Dove Cameron will also be joining the panel as the episode’s guest judge.  


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