This week’s episode of Drag Race All Stars 9 has left fans gooped and gagged.

Major spoilers ahead

Following Gottmik’s win last week, which included her snipping Jorgeous from receiving a Beautiful Benefactress Badge, the queens returned to the werkroom to kiki about the runway and lip-sync outcome.

However, things took an awkward turn when Gottmik and Nina West were asked about their second badge and who they would give it to.

When the two queens said they were unsure, Roxxy Andrews asked if any alliances existed.

While Nina agreed, Shannel claimed there were more cliques than alliances, leaving Vanessa Vanjie confused.

“I feel like we all talk to everybody, though,” she said.

Shannel went on to list Vanjie and Gottmik in addition to Roxxxy and Plastique Tiara as a clique.

“It’s not a bad thing, it’s cliquey,” she added.

Angeria Paris VanMicheals echoed similar sentiments before reiterating that there are no alliances.

Towards the end of the conversation, Vanjie dismissed the idea of cliques, adding, “Just because [Gottmik and I] are friends doesn’t mean I want her to give me a badge because I’m your good judy.”

The next day, the queens returned to the workroom to meet up with RuPaul, who asked Gottmik and Nina to give away their second Beautiful Benefactress Badge.

In the end, Roxxy and Vanjie were given their very first badges.

Wasting no time, Ru asked the queens to gather into two teams before announcing their fourth maxi-challenge.

“Now, teamwork makes the dream work. So, before we move on, I want you to pair up,” she instructed.

After a bit of awkward shuffling – which was due to the previous alliance conversation they shared – the queens chose their respective partners.

Shannel and Angeria comprised Team One, Plastique and Jorgeous were Team Two, Roxxxy and Vanjie were Team Three, and Gottmik and Nina were Team Four.

“Now, ladykins, I have a real treat for you. I’ve invited some men for you to play with this week. Please welcome four real-life heroes,” Ru continued.

After introducing four firefighters – Adam, Anraé, Brad Lee, and Nathan – Mama Ru tasked the queens with transforming them into “smoking hot pop stars.

“That’s right, we are looking for a fierce girl group ensemble. But wait, there’s more. In addition to head-to-toe makeover, you and your firefighters will write, record and perform a song called ‘Pussy on Fire,'” Ru added.

Unlike previous makeover challenges, the four guests were able to choose which group of queens they wanted to join.

Adam chose The Hoezes (Roxxxy and Vanjie), Anraé selected Meow Meow Mixx (Plastique and Jorgeous), and Brad Lee chose The Pussycat Hose (Shannel and Angeria), which resulted in Nathan working with The Hose Draggers (Gottmik and Nina).

After Ru exited the workroom, the queens and their drag pupils flocked to their respective corners to brainstorm their song lyrics, drag looks and girl group synergy.

While all the ladies bonded with their firefighter counterparts, Nina and Gottmik hit a roadblock when they realized they had two very different styles.

“This is really hard because Nina’s camp, and I’m vamp. She brought literal ’60s smocks. I brought slut rocker dresses, and we have to somehow have a baby that is a body-building fireman,” Gottmik said in a confessional.

With their concepts selected, outfits planned, and wigs fluffed, the groups headed to the runway to choreograph their dances.

Of course, the rehearsals were full of hilarious hijinks and quirky moments between the queens and their firefighters.

After creating their routines, the teams returned to the workroom to get dolled up for the big performance.

However, before making their debut on the main stage, Jorgeous and Plastique shared a heartfelt moment with Anraé, who described his participation as a “full circle” moment.

“My father, he was such a macho man. He was always accepting of my sexuality, but I knew there was always a concern with how feminine I was going to be,” Anraé explained.

Jorgeous echoed similar sentiments, revealing in a confessional that her dad initially felt the same way.

“My dad, growing up, he was like, ‘It’s fine for you to be gay. It’s just I don’t want you to be super feminine because I don’t want nobody to hurt you,'” she explained.

Adam also shared his heartbreaking story about his mom not attending his daughter’s wedding, which he said was due to her marrying a trans man.

“My mom couldn’t come because of her convictions. It’s still a sore spot because there’s conditional love in my mind. It just hurts. But definitely, I know Cally hurts from it. And I want her to just live a happy life,” he added.

With their faces beat, hair laid and looks secure, the queens and their drag daughters headed to the mainstage to perform their verses for ‘Pussy on Fire.’

Throughout their performances, each team delivered stellar dance moves, iconic lyrics, and stunning looks that dazzled Ru, Michelle Visage, Ross Matthews and guest judges Brothers Osborne.

Following their gag-worthy presentations, the judges’ panel delivered their critiques.

While all of the groups received high praise, Roxxxy and Vanjie were named the top two All Stars of the week.

To the beat of Janet Jackson’s ‘Black Cat, the queens delivered a high-energy performance that featured dips, sickening reveals and electric choreography. 

Ultimately, Ru announced a tie between Roxxxy and Vanjie, resulting in Angeria getting the red ruby snippers.

Shortly after the episode aired, fans flocked to social media to share their reactions, with many conflicted about the challenge winners.

While all of the firefighters were praised by fans for their commitment and newfound charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent, it was Jorgeous and Plastique’s partner Angelique who elicited the most uproarious response on social media.

Fans even called for Angelique to be the first-ever makeover partner to become an actual contestant, with one tweeting: “Angelique would totally win a future season of Drag Race.”


Next week on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 9, the queens will be tasked with “dragging up real estate commercials.”

See below for more fan reactions to the episode.